5 Unpopular Netflix Movies That Are Actually Good


Let’s be honest. The selection of quality movies on Netflix has always been quite subpar. Here are 5 movies you have probably scrolled past when you think to yourself “maybe Netflix will have something good today”, but never gave a second look, when you definitely should have.


Disclaimer: These are not top-rated, Oscar-winning movies, but they are perfect for a laid back night in.


  • “6 Balloons”

This drama film tells the story of Katie discovering and coping with the fact that her younger brother Seth is a heroin addict and father to 4-year-old daughter. The movie illustrates hardships with drug addiction, the torture of withdrawals, and strains on a sibling relationship. I would recommend this movie to people who are not sensitive to overt drug use and enjoy dark, compelling narratives. Bonus: Dave Franco plays the roll of Seth.


  • “The First Time”

“The First Time” is a perfect example of a teenage, romantic chick-flick. This movie has your classic high school party, uncertainties about virginity, and a predictable, yet charming love story. Two teenagers, Dave and Aubrey, played by Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson, play out the pleasures and difficulties of young love.


  • “You Get Me”

This thriller is full of surprises. Bella Thorne plays the lead role as an allegedly nice and normal new-girl, but it’s not long before others start to sense something off about her, and for good reason. The movie begins like romantic/high-school type and ends as a completely different genre, which is incredibly intriguing.


  • “21”

Probably the most underrated movie on Netflix (in my opinion, at least). “21” is about a group of insanely smart, MIT college students and their secret gambling club. The group of six and their mentor head to Las Vegas on the weekends with intentions of cheating at the tables and get crazy wealthy. Their strategies are successful for a while, until they aren’t anymore.


  • “Wild Child”

In this amusing comedy, Poppy, played by Emma Roberts, is sent to England because her father has had it with her rebellious teenage ways. She is cut off from her luxurious Malibu lifestyle, unlimited credit cards, cell-phone, wardrobe, and just about everything else in hopes that she can turn around her snobby attitude. “Wild Child” gives off amazing “Gossip Girl” vibes because of the preppy boarding school.