5 Types of People You Shouldn't Waste Your Time On

I have always been able to read people pretty well. I’m not judgemental by any means, but after spending time with someone for awhile I can usually get a good understanding of their personality and whether or not I want to be their friend. Of course you should be a friend to everyone, but just because you are kind and supportive towards someone does not mean that they will reciprocate. Simply put, some people aren’t good at being a true friend. You can love them with all your might, and they still won’t fulfill the responsibilities of being a proper friend. You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste your time if it’s a one-way street. Here are five types of people you just shouldn’t waste your time on.


  1. The Shit Talker - Honestly, if someone still cares enough about someone else’s life to talk shit about them, GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL. It is so incredibly immature. I think we can all recall at least one person that would act super nice to your face, but then talk shit about you behind your back. Like… what are you trying to gain? When someone constantly has someone else’s name in their mouth, they’re only making themselves look bad.

  2. The Selfish Thinker - Never waste your time ranting to or confiding in this type of person about your life problems. We’ve all been in that situation where you’re talking to someone about something that’s really weighing on you, and they relate it to the time their hamster died. It’s one thing to try to relate and show empathy, but it’s a whole different thing to try to relate all of someone else’s life problems back to yourself.

  3. The Taker - Growing up, my dad would tell me “Kelli, in this world there are givers and there are takers. It’s your job to figure out which one somebody is.” It’s not a bad thing to be a taker. They know how to get what they want! However, if someone constantly takes and never gives, they aren’t going to be a good friend. A friendship is a two-way street with an even balance of giving and taking.

  4. The Social Climber - This type of person is usually harder to spot. These are people who use your social status for their own personal gain. If they are constantly being a kiss-up to the people you associate yourself with, then that is a pretty good indicator that they are just using you. You deserve a friend that cares about your soul rather than your reputation.

  5. People. Who. Don’t. Make. You. Happy. - Need I say more?



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