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5 Things I Learned About Chicagoans from Going to The Cubs Parade

5 Things I Learned About Chicagoans from Going to The Cubs Parade


1. We know how to generate a crowd

I mean, come on. The Cubs Parade was the largest gathering in United States history and the 7th largest gathering in HUMAN HISTORY with over 5 million people in attendance. If that’s not a turn out, I don’t know what is.


2. We don’t care if something’s illegal, we’ll do it anyway

I’m not gonna lie, I saw quite a few underage drinkers and potheads in the streets of The Windy City on Saturday. I guess they figured the police had other things to worry about, or they just didn’t care if they got in trouble; something like this only happens every, I don’t know, 108 years?! And no, I was not one of those partaking in illegal activities, nor do I condone them, I promise. Always follow the law, kids.


3. We understand how to make a profit

The amount of vendors selling (most likely counterfeit) tee shirts, pennants, hats, decorative hand towels, etc. was insane, not to mention the little hot dog cart I saw near Grant Park that was swarming with people. I would love to know how much money these guys made off of overzealous Cubs fans this weekend.


4. We’re very supportive of our fellow Cubs fans, no matter their endeavors.

Seriously. Every few minutes the crowd at Grant Park would erupt in screams and every time I was convinced it was because The Cubs had finally made their way over. Nope, they were just cheering on another guy who scaled an enormous tree with the agility of an undomesticated cat. These guys are the true champions.


5. We are the best, most dedicated fans in the world, and we love our Cubbies no matter what!

And there’s no denying that. I could go on and on about why Cubs fans are the best, but I’ll just leave it at this: It has been 108 years, and 108 seasons since we’ve won a World Series but every single year without fail, dedicated fans manage to fill the seats at Wrigley. And there’s no question that the boys could not have done it without their support. So thanks, Cubs fans and supporters!

I will leave you with this adorable GIF of Rizzo and Bryant to remind you of the real reason you watched all those Cubs games. 

Marissa Ventrelli is a Freshman at the University of Kansas majoring in journalism. She currently writes for Her Campus and takes photos for her school's newspaper, the Daily Kansan. Her goal is to become a photojournalist for National Geographic but also to own several dogs and have a pathetically impressive collection of nut butters. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, hiking, volunteering, and writing about herself in the third person. After graduation, she hopes to move to Oregon where she will mock its citizens while simultaneously identifying with them on a deep level. 
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