5 Summer Pieces to Incorporate into your Fall Wardrobe

With the hot summer days soon coming to a close, it’s time to clear out your closet to make room for your fall wardrobe. Saying goodbye to all of the summer dresses and crop tops that treated you so well this summer can be hard and might even leave you with a slight resentment towards the fall season. But before those summer staples get shoved to the back of your closet until future warmer months, find a few of your favorite items that with the help of a few cardigans and tights that  can be worn year round. Here are a few of the most popular summer clothing items that can help you make a fashion statement this fall.

1.       Keep rockin’ the crop top.

This might seem a bit strange considering crop tops have become the epitome of hot weather and summer fashion. Although, you won’t be able to show as much skin with crop tops as you did in summer, there are still numerous ways to make them work. With the right pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, your crop tops can make an appearance all year long. “Crop tops are my favorite thing to wear in the summer so by adding a few fall items like cardigans and cute pair of jeans, they are fun to wear year round.” Ngina Nzwilli (junior, @nginnnna)

2.       Savor the summer dresses.

The floral, hippy dresses have made a huge comeback this summer. Instead of wearing your favorite summer dress with warm weather accessories, try pairing it with some cute tights and boots to keep the outfit fall functional. This is any easy “wake-up late” outfit that any college girl in a hurry can pull off. “Summer dresses are great because you can easily transition them into fall with a pair of riding boots or a canvas jacket. I wear a lot of half sleeved dresses with sandals in the summer but in the fall I like to tone it down with a big neutral cardigan, a belt, and a cute pair of boots.” Emily Melton (junior, @meltoninthesun)

3.       Kicks for every season.

Converse have been known as the ideal summer shoe since watching “The Sandlot” as a kid. These shoes are not only stylish but they are durable through every season. Whether you are hanging out at the beach or trudging through the winter snow, these shoes will be faithful to you throughout every month. Due to their popularity and versatility, Converse are bound to be seen around campus this fall. “Converse are very flexible and go great with many different outfits which is great for a busy college student. In the summer, they look great with dresses and jean shorts and in the fall you can pair them with skinny jeans and a warm sweater.” Lindsey Welsh (junior, @LindseyEWelsh)

4.       Keep it short.

Wearing shorts and mini-skirts in the frigid fall seasons sounds a bit questionable but with the right pair of tights you can look cute while still feeling cozy. Opting for deeper colored shorts and skirts and swapping your sandals out for a pair of booties make the transition from summer to fall a little less painful. “High-waisted shorts and skater skirts were a huge trend this summer. By adding a pair of tights to your outfits, your skirts and shorts can last through the colder seasons.” Maia Horn (junior, @maia_renee)

5.       Don’t let those summer colors fade.

Summer is known for a time to bust out your most bright, and vibrant outfits of the year. But just because the summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean those colors need to go into hiding. Bright colored clothing items are perfect to add a pop in fall when we tend to mostly wear warmer colors. Vibrant colors like fuchsia and yellow are colors that work year-round but will surely make you stand out in the fall. “I love pairing neutral, fall clothes with fun, bright accessories. I think adding colorful necklaces over a Chambray top or cargo jacket is an easy way to mix your summer and fall style.” Becca Renteria (junior)