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5 Study Spots on the KU Campus

It’s already that time of year again: study time. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying summer break
and studying the hot lifeguard at the pool. Now, school is back in session and it’s time to crack open the books.

With an increasingly packed homework planner in hand, it’s essential to find study spots on campus at the beginning of the school year (trust us!). Make sure to check out these five locales for all of your studying needs.

Watson Library
: It’s a no-brainer that studying in a library is a savvy decision. Libraries give you a quiet atmosphere, so you can peacefully enjoy studying for that Western Civilization test. Watson designated quiet zones, so that there are specific places to talk… and not talk. Not to mention, there are multiple plush chairs scattered around so that you can get cozy and steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the library traffic.

Anschutz Library: Anschutz is full of tables, which is ideal for the group projects looming ahead this semester. Anschutz (Watson, too!) provides desktop computers, so if you forget your laptop you can still squeeze in some quality studying. Score!

Potter Lake: If the library vibe isn’t your thing, and you love the good ole’ outdoors, take a trip down to Potter Lake. The grassy land around Potter has WiFi access, according to the KU technology website. You can soak up sunshine while glancing over notes or typing a paper on your laptop. Don’t forget the sunscreen, ladies.

The Underground: Mixing food with studying is always a winning combination (anything with food is, right?). This study spot can get busy during lunchtime, so set up camp at a table in the morning or late afternoon.The Underground opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. It’s not open as late as other places on campus, but remember, you can buy delicious food to power you through all of your studies.

The Union: This spot offers food, and comfy indoor and outdoor seating. The fourth floor isn’t completely quiet, but offers plenty of space to chill out and catch up on homework or a reading assignment. There are places to grab lunch, snack or a quick coffee to fuel your studying.

Check out these hot spots to give your study routine a new twist.

Do you have a favorite study place? Leave a comment below and tell Her Campus Kansas! 

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