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The 5 Hottest Lipstick Shades for Fall – Plus How to Wear ‘Em!

One of the easiest ways to update your beauty look from summer to fall is to change your pout with the most
current shades. To help you with the transition, I have handpicked the five coolest colors straight from the fall ’12 runway that will certainly have you looking gorgeous for the chilly weather heading our way. From classic reds that will become your go-to hue for holidays to icy matte pinks for daytime, there’s definitely a shade that is perfect for you…

Electric Red

Wearing electric red makes quite the statement and anyone can pull off this shade when worn with confidence! This haute hue is best worn with minimal makeup, and can be toned up with sheer gloss for a glassy pout or toned down with a matte red. Electric red will have heads turning and would look great with your red and blue game day attire !

Matte Pink

Think back to the days when you were starting to experiment with makeup and adored bubble-gum colored anything. Well the revival of vivid matte pinks is here! This pale pink color is reminiscent of innocence and youth, but also looks chic with minimal makeup and dark thick eye lashes. The pink lipstick shade also takes no prisoners, as all skin tones can wear this color and look gorgeous.


Orange has been the lip hue that surprisingly has been all the rage this past year. Orange electrifies your look instantly when worn correctly. Orange lipsticks can make your teeth look super pearly, in comparison to a cherry red, which actually amplifies eggshell tones in your smile. This shade looks best on bronzed skin tones. 


Purple is undoubtedly the “it” color this season. Wearing purple exudes mystery and a bit of moodiness, in a good way of course! This sumptuous tone radiates both intrigue and confidence when worn correctly. This shade looks gorgeous on medium to dark skin tones and is most suitable to wear at night. It looks especially fabulous paired with deep burgundy, emerald green and midnight blue. Pairing purple with darker eye shadows for a smoky eye will complete the look and have you looking sultry.

Classic Red

There is nothing classier than a woman in red lipstick. Every woman can wear classic red and look stunning. If you want to look ultra chic, pair red lipstick with a cat eye or opt for a strong eye, such as a smoky eye, for a haute look. Classic red can be worn at anytime of the day, but we think it looks best in the evening for a night out.

What lipstick shade will you be donning this fall?  

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