5 Cheap Present Ideas

The holidays can be a really stressful time in college. You want to buy all of your friends awesome gifts that they will love, but you're broke AF. Here's a few ideas for fun presents that won't break the bank.


Personalized Mug

Image result for personalized cute mugCredit: Etsy

My roommate made all of us cute mugs with our initials last year, and I loved it. Just buy a white mug and some colorful sharpies and get creative! 

Step by step article - https://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Sharpie-Mug-DIY-Project-24955886 


Cute Beanie or Socks

Winter in Kansas is freezing and gross, but having a new cozy beanie or fuzzy socks makes it a little better. 

Main, color, BLUE LIGHT COMBO" src="/%3Ca%20href%3D"https://n.nordstrommedia.com/id/37a3a9ab-c6e0-4a11-8564-14f17a2750d0.jpeg?crop=pad&pad_color=FFF&format=jpeg&w=780&h=1196">https://n.nordstrommedia.com/id/37a3a9ab-c6e0-4a11-8564-14f17a2750d0.jpe..." />Credit: Nordstrom


Holiday Makeup Sets

For your makeup-obsessed bestie, Ulta and Sephora always have good deals on holiday value sets. 

Image result for tarte fierce in a flash discovery setCredit: Ulta


Spa Day Essentials

Pick up some bath bombs, face masks, lotion, and nail polish for an easy gift for a relaxing day. 

Shoot For The StarsCredit: LUSH


Movie Night

Make your present an event! Get all your roommates and friends together with popcorn, candy, and everyone's favorite movies.​

1.75 Gallon Holly Plaid Happy Holidays Popcorn TinsCredit: The Popcorn Factory