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4 Ways To Navigate Gun Violence On College Campuses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

This year, there have been 146 school shootings according to ABC News. Let me remind you that there have only been 95 days in 2023. While many of these mass shootings do not occur on college campuses, BestColleges says that there have been over 300 incidents of gun violence, with almost 300 people killed or injured in these events (. These tragedies have completely changed the school environment, with active shooter drills, clear backpack mandates, and a significant lack of policy changes regarding gun safety. However, there are small-scale resources for college students, parents, and anyone wanting to protect themselves from and educate themselves about school shootings and gun violence. Here are 4 resources, organizations, and movements that are working to stop gun violence.


If you haven’t heard of March For Our Lives already, they are an organization that fights for gun control in light of recent cases of gun violence in schools. They challenge legislators and policymakers to create a legislature that protects kids from gun violence, restricts access to assault weapons, and hopes to attain a nation without gun violence. They have been responsible for the passage of 250+ laws that restrict gun access and enforce safety in schools, as well as organizing marches and protests in order to relay their inspiring message. Currently, they are focusing on encouraging the Biden administration to ban assault weapons, which he has expressed the potential it happening. HERE is the link to that petition. This organization has a nationwide presence and acknowledgment, and they offer plentiful resources and donation opportunities for citizens to support the cause. If you are wanting to join the fight to combat gun violence on college campuses, getting involved with this organization is a good place to start.


Another way to help individuals navigate gun violence on college campuses is to learn about the policies and guidelines specific to your university/school, in order to understand what to prepare for in your everyday life. An article by BestColleges has provided information about gun policies on college campuses by state, which you can access HERE. At the University of Kansas, many of my professors outline carry policies in their syllabus, and there are also university-released policies regarding guns on campus. At KU, students and faculty with appropriate licenses can carry concealed guns on campus, as well as in many university buildings. By learning about my individual campuses’ restrictions, I can better prepare myself for a potential incident of gun violence. Understanding your own environment and how they address weapons on campus can allow you to better prepare for everyday life with this constant threat.


There are hundreds of active petitions which are actively trying to combat gun violence, which include banning assault weapons, remove government-mandated restrictions on gun violence research, encouraging political entities like former president Barack Obama to speak publicly on the issue, etc. Change.org is an incredible resource for students—or anyone for that matter—to make their voice heard and contribute to the efforts against gun violence. Change.org gives you the immediate take-action opportunity to share, donate, or read about the issue for which you are contributing to. There are hundreds upon hundreds of petitions for various issues, outside of gun violence.


Gun violence can potentially be an extremely disheartening and triggering topic, especially for those who have been personally exposed to gun violence or have people who have been affected by this. While it is SO important to make your voice heard, participate in activism, and educate yourself, it is also important that you take care of your mental health. The Center for Online Education released a website that has provided dozens of resources specifically for college students to help them maintain their mental health. Especially regarding such a serious issue, it can be easy to get caught up in the tragedy of what gun violence has caused. College students are at an extremely high risk of mental health disorders, due to their responsibilities, environment, and daily life. The American Psychology Association also says that college students’ workload and lifestyles are mediums for poor mental health. Remember, you can’t save the world unless you save yourself first. So, as you begin to further educate yourself and participate politically, don’t bite off more than you can chew and sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of activism. You matter.

Ella Jiron is a sophomore studying political science, journalism, and women, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Kansas! She is a weekly writer for the KU chapter of HerCampus, and focuses in lifestyle, health & wellness, and sex & relationships genres. She likes to write articles about current events, especially those retaining to college students and generation Z. Outside of writing for Her Campus, Ella works as a barista and a receptionist, and has worked several jobs prior! She has interned under a current representing senator of Colorado on her campaign team, as well as been an apprentice to a local photographer! She has done diversity, equity, and inclusion work for a Colorado-based non-profit childcare organization and has completed various social media internships and experiences. She plans to study abroad, working with a program that researches and analyzes gender equity and quality of life in different countries. Outside of writing for Her Campus KU, Ella is very into fitness; she practices spirituality and yoga regularly! She loves the outdoors, music, and spending time with her friends. She is a Survivor superfan, as well as being a general reality tv fanatic. Her favorite podcasts are Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain and Science VS by Wendy Zukerman. Ella loves reading mysteries, as well as psychological thrillers!