4 Shows That Are Worth Watching

1. Scandal

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Olivia Pope. Need I say more? Olivia runs an agency that is dedicated to finding justice and keeping the public image of the nation’s elites by “fixing” their problems. These “gladiator in suits” are at the top of their game as you see them running around Washington D.C gathering evidence and uncovering secrets. Every episode is full of unexpected turns and twists, intense scenes that will have you whisper “Damn, Olivia. You go girl”. Even though Olivia is seen as one of the strongest and fiercest women in television, she is not, however, without problems of her own. I think that’s what makes her so relatable. Here we have this strong, powerful, independent woman, but we see that she is not immune to the desires of her own heart.  In the latest season, you see her trying to figure out her heart as she battles trouble hitting a little too close to home (pun intended). 

2. Castle

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I like to watch Castle when I feel like I need to believe that real love exists in this world. It seems silly to base hope of love on TV shows, but a lot of shows nowadays have tragic love stories as part of the drama. Castle is a very much refreshing change from all of that. The love between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett is simple in the way that at the end of the day, no matter what has happened, they undoubtedly go home to each other. But make no mistake, this show is not centered on a love story. This show is about murder mystery. Detective Kate Beckett is NYPD’s finest detective and takes her job of bringing murderers to justice very seriously. Richard Castle is a famous mystery writer who caught the attention of the mayor (who just so happen to like reading his books) and allowed him to work with NYPD to get inspiration for future books. Together, they’re like the murder mystery version of April and Andy from Parks and Rec. Kate brings the brains and steel and Castle brings the comic relief to remind people not to take life (or death) so seriously. 

3. Reign

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I have to note, this is my guilty pleasure show. This show is based on the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and although it dumbs down history for the sake of entertainment, the main character is something to be admired. Queen Mary is living in 14th century France where women are thought of as property and hold no power. She defies social norms and fights for her right as queen and a seat at French court. We see her again and again stand her ground amidst people trying to undermine her power because of her gender. Even though it’s not historically accurate, it’s inspiring to see a woman stand up for herself and fight for what’s rightfully hers. 

4. Revenge

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Where do I even begin with this show? The title pretty much summarizes what this show is about. Revenge. Amanda Clarke’s father was framed for treason when she was a little girl. She then assumes the identity of Emily Thorne to avenge her father’s death and punish the people who ruined her life. The show moves fast as she brings many people into her journey and you see her character develop from a cold hearted woman bent on revenge to someone who realizes that life is maybe more than hatred and vengeance.