4 Reasons Why You Need Color-Changing LED Lights in Your Room

At this point in time, it goes without saying that we are all generally spending more time at home and in our rooms. This is part of why I was so excited when I finally installed my LED light strip a couple weeks ago. I’ve found that having the ability to change the mood of my space has improved my own mood, which isn't a novel concept. LEDs are such a great addition to the place where I spend so much time. I (and my roommates) love them, and here are 4 reasons why you should get some ASAP:

blue water in Saint-Tropez, France Photo by Julie Aagaard from Pexels

1. Blue Brings Productivity and Serenity


Blue is the color of the sky, and blue light has been proven to suppress melatonin through an interestingly non-visual connection between the eyes and the brain. Because of this, blue light makes us feel more alert and productive. Also, because of the way humans perceive this color in our natural environment, i.e. water, it brings feelings of serenity.


Also, the blue setting just feels right when you want to get in your feelings while listening to “Marvin's Room.

girls neon light signage Photo by Rene Böhmer from Unsplash

2. Red Is Fierce


Red provokes emotions more strongly than any other color. It feels passionate, both positively and negatively. By this I mean that it represents both love and passion as well as anger and power. It is profoundly energizing but (at least to me) easier on the eyes than blue.


This explains why TikTok has crowned the red LED setting as the de facto sexy one.

neon sign, pink color that says breathe. Photo by Fabian Møller from Unsplash

3. Green Can Make You Feel Better


I was surprised when green came to be one of my favorite color settings. But this makes sense as humans view this color as overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to chlorophyll, we strongly associate green with our natural surroundings as a whole and therefore see it as refreshing and tranquil. Also, to me, green represents hope via its connection to growth. 

Red Lights and Disco Balls Photo by Alexander Popov from Unsplash



Whether hanging with friends or chilling alone, I think trading overhead fluorescent lights for some subtle color simply makes for a better vibe. (Side note, my favorite color setting is purple!) Lighting and ambience are very important to me. I’m sure all my fellow aesthetes feel the same way.


In conclusion, adjustable LEDs are great because they give us the power to design the specific vibe that we’re feeling. That said, our perceptions of color, while general, are also deeply shaped by our past personal experiences. So if you want to toss all this color theory asunder, that’s fine too: the beauty of the LED strip is the ability to mold your environment to match exactly how you are feeling.