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4 Holiday Albums with a Slight Twist


Everyone loves a good classic. With the rapid approach of Christmas (are you as excited as I am?), the songs that we all know and love have begun to ring through the speakers of every coffee shop, grocery store and radio station.


I’m a big fan of the classics, and some artists were just plain MEANT to sing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ (James Taylor, lookin’ at you). I get it though- even our old favorites can get tiresome. If we ate our favorite foods every day, we’d be disgusted by them in a week. So if this holiday season, you’re looking to listen to some tunes that are a little less Sinatra-esque than what’s playing on the radio, give these unconventional (and underrated) Christmas albums a listen.


  • Sufjan Stevens- Songs for Christmas

Warm and fuzzy was not necessarily the goal when Sufjan Stevens released 100 tracks worth of holiday music. The tracks on #1 of his multiple Christmas-themed albums are likely make someone with a darker sense of humor laugh, and they definitely don’t lack killer instrumentals. Just make sure you verify that you’re in appropriate company before blasting them.


  • Destiny’s Child- Days of Christmas

It certainly falls into the “oldie but a goodie” category, but the Destiny’s Child Christmas album is arguably timeless. Give it a listen or blast it through the speakers of your house if you’re looking for a pop-centered Christmas season that will put you into even better of a mood than you already were (what with all the holiday spirit and all, of course).


  • Christmas with Weezer

Rock a little harder around the Christmas tree this year- with Weezer’s Christmas EP, the traditional classics go hand and hand with good ol’ electric guitar. None of the tracks on the EP are original lyric-wise (but can you imagine??), but all tracks have the signature Weezer touch. If you press play with this Christmas album, you’d better believe that the only acceptable way to play it is with the volume cranked high.


  • The Maine- …and a happy new year

Maybe you’re not as spirit-filled as everyone around you seems to be during this holiday season. Maybe you’re going through it, and you wish that there was holiday music out there to coincide with your somewhat Grinchy feelings (it’s okay, it happens to the best of us). You’re in luck- The Maine’s holiday-themed EP will have exactly what you need, whether you’re just not in the mood to be jolly or Santa actually stole your girlfriend (because yeah, they apparently can relate). 


Lucie (originally from Tulsa, OK) is a fourth-year journalism major at KU. Her favorite things include (but are not limited to) coffee, new music, life in LFK, and every dog in existence (they are all good dogs). While being involved in a handful of student organizations on campus, HerCampus was her first step into campus involvement and she absolutely loves everything it has to offer. She is ecstatic to be HerCampus KU's content copyeditor. 
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