4 Albums to Get You in The Fall Mood

Fall is here and although the new season brings cooler weather and pumpkin flavored everything, it also seems to be the time that life gets a whole lot more stressful for college students. I will always agree with the fact that music is the biggest stress reliever. These 4 albums, both old and new, are the perfect mix of songs to get you through any day.

So while you attempt to study for your midterms and struggle through that never ending group project, add these albums to your que, take a deep breath and enjoy some awesome music. (Life is more fun with a great soundtrack!)


1. Egypt Station - Paul McCartney

Did someone say new Paul McCartney music?! Yeah, I was just as excited as you are. This legend is back with 16 new tracks that highlight true songwriting in its simplest form. The man is 74 years old and about to set off on a world tour. The first time I listened to this album I immediately got nostalgic Beatles vibes and I loved it. Try listening to this album straight through, it's a totally different experience.

*If you're a nerd like me, check out this GQ video of McCartney breaking down his most iconic songs. I mean, come on. https://youtu.be/u97_inloBmY


2. Something to Tell You- Haim

I always have this album on repeat. At the end of last semester I was lucky enough to see Haim at the Uptown Theater in KCMO and man do they put on a show. If you haven't listened to this groovy sister trio, it's time you start. Each track has a mixture of ballads, 80's soft rock and empowering female lead vocals. If that doesn't hook you, I don't know what will. I also have to add that EVERY song is perfect to blast with the windows down.


3. Harry Styles- Harry Styles

I don't think I'll ever get over this album or this transformation. It's been over a year since Harry Styles released his self titled solo debut and introduced us to a 70's soft rock side we had never seen. Rolling Stone magazine even refers to him as "a true rock & roll prince", and I'm with them on that. Every single track on this album is layered with emotion, soul and a dynamic that warms any aching heart. 


4. Apricot Princess - Rex Orange County

I just recently started listening to Rex Orange County's music after hearing his single "Loving is Easy" and falling in love with his voice. He has a really unique musical style that can be best described as old soul/indie/alternative. His songs have a really calming quality about them that make you want to stay in bed all day long while listening.