3 Highly Underrated iPhone Applications

It is so fortunate that we live in a time where apps are accessible to the public, and inevitably are making life simpler. Here are some of the highly underrated lifestyle applications that everyone could benefit from:

1. Our Groceries Shopping List

Are you always forgetting your grocery list at home? This is the perfect app for you. It has the ability to organize all your grocery needs in categories such as produce, dairy and bakery, making the grocery shopping experience easier. On top of that it has great recipe recommendations that give the list needed to complete those recipes. Another great quality of this app, is the ability to designate lists between the grocery store, drugstore, hardware store, and even a to-do list. If that doesn’t make life easier, I don’t know what will.

2. Closet+

If you have ever seen Clueless, you are bound to have drooled over Cher’s closet. Her rotating closet along with her computer designing her outfits would be any girls dream. This app is exactly like that, only smaller! Closet+ will take your photos of your clothes and help match the perfect outfit for the next day. On top of picking out your outfit, it will definitely help save some time in the morning before class.

3. Fuel Finder

It is a known fact that all college kids are broke and always looking for the best deal; one of the best things to save on is fuel. Filling up a tank is one of the most costly things a college student has to deal with, especially if you’re driving far for a job! Fuel Finder will use your zip code and give you the cheapest gas stations in your area and the price per gallon. The extra trip to the cheapest gas station will definitely suffice in the end and save a ton of money!