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17 Reasons Scott Disick Should Be Your Spirit Animal

We all know who he is, and we all love to hate him. But let’s be real, we are all probably a bit more Disick than we think. Here are 17 reasons why “The Lord” Scott Disick should be your spirit animal.

1. He knows his self-worth.

2. He only rides in style.

Seriously, though.

3. He knows how to throw some serious shade, without even using words.

4. He’s so polite.

5. He knows his time is valuable, and that it is NOT to be wasted.

6. He balances Kourtney so perfectly.

7. He has the self confidence most people only dream of.

Maybe a little too confident, but still.

8. But he knows there’s always room for improvement.

9. He quotes “Anchorman” like the Bible.

10. He has serious life goals.

Super serious.

11. And let’s be real, the man has style.

12. He spends quality time with his family.

13. Even under all the sass, he can be so sweet.

14. He’s there when you need him, one way or another.

15. He is so, so, SO real it’s almost painful.

16. He’s also a great Dad.

17. But obviously to save the best for last, just look at him.


Are you looking?

*screams internally*

Jacey Bishop currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief/President of Her Campus KU. In the past, she has served as the Development Director and the Events Director for HCKU, as well as serving as a content contributor for the past three years. Jacey is currently in her final year of study at KU for her Bachelors of Social Work and English, as well as a minor in Communications. She is very active on the KU campus, participating in Student Senate, Multicultural Scholars Program, She's the First, and KU Student Ambassadors. You can contact Jacey at [email protected]
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