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15 Movies You Probably Forgot About

There are a ton of movies that come out all the time and sometimes it's hard to keep up! I mean, really, at this point in your life, you've witnessed about 20 years (or more) of movie madness. So what about all of those VHS movies when you were a kid— where did they go? Personally, I find it extremely upsetting that the VHS isn't a thing anymore. I blame my lack of current movie knowledge on the loss of VHS players; for some reason, when they left the movie scene, so did I. So, for summer reminiscing or rewatching purposes, here are 15 movies that you most likely forgot about until now:

1) The Land Before Time

Littlefoot was always our favorite...

2) Homeward Bound

After this movie we all hugged our cats and dogs a little tighter.

3) Duck Tales The Movie: Treasure of The Lost Lamp

The first movie to introduce you to booby traps... which, after learning what they were called, you laughed about it forever because of the word "booby" until your parents said "that's enough." 

4) 101 Dalmatians

We'll never NOT hate Cruella De Vil.

5) The Goonies

"GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE" is a phrase you'll never forget.

6) Fern Gully

When Batty flew in from the biology lab (okay, yikes- animal testing) and introduced himself with a rap song.

7) Aristocats

The coolest, most sophistiCATed cats around. 

8) Free Willy

Although you probably started uncontrollably sobbing, you were more than relieved when Willy returned to the ocean where he belongs- good job, Jesse!

9) Anastasia

Ladies, you so wanted her name.

10) Dennis the Menace

If you're like me, this is where you learned all the beautiful ways to sabotage your siblings.

11) Casper

After realizing that he's completely harmless, you totally wanted to be friends with Casper and his buddies.

12) Babe

After watching this movie, you told your parents you refused to eat ham, bacon or pork ever again because you were convinced all pigs were like Babe.

13) Mulan

Uh... duh? Because girls can do anything boys can do. GIRL POWER.

14) Oliver and Company

Jenny became a hero and you were forever grateful.

15) Tarzan

Tarzan started a fad that included climbing on anything and everything, jumping off said thing, simultaneously beating your chest and doing the "Tarzan yell" (or yodel), which absolutely made every parent in America regret taking their children to see this movie.

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