10 Weird Things Almost All Girls Have in Common

  1. You have a list of potential baby names you like in your notes even though you have no intention of having children anytime soon.

  2. You start off by casually stalking someone on Instagram and somehow end up on their brother’s girlfriend’s aunt’s best friend’s dog’s Instagram.

  3. You also regularly stalk yourself on Instagram.

  4. You must take an obligatory selfie after getting a fresh haircut, and most likely send it to all your Snapchat streaks.

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5. At least once in your lifetime, you have recorded yourself singing, played it back, and wanted to die hearing yourself.

6. You plan/act out some really strong comebacks for an argument that already happened (particularly while showering for some odd reason).

7. You hold your own boobs. Just because you can.

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8. You get so bored on your phone that you just got through your camera roll and look at your own pictures.

9. You only shave the parts of your legs than show in the rips of your jeans because shaving the entirety of both legs is way too time consuming.

10. You have an overwhelming, uncontrollable obsession with online shopping. *bank account sheds tear*

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