10 Uses for Coconut Oil

A rather new hot item has become a trend in the healthcare, beauty, and baking world, one that feels good, smells good, and is overall very good for you.

Not to mention, a jar of it can go a long way, saving you time and money. Here are ten examples of other uses of coconut oil:

  • Cooking- a great substitute for unhealthy oils or fats, coconut oil can give the food a little flavoring at a much healthier benefit.
  • Hair mask- coconut oil softens the hair much like a conditioner and is often used in conditioners

  • Sunburns- a natural soother for irritated skin

  • Face mask/Skin softener

  • Makeup remover- a gentle and natural solution

  • Lip balm- the taste is just an extra benefit of this delicious lip balm

  • Natural deodorant- can mask a smell as well as help with underarm rashes

  • Natural highlighter- apply to upper cheekbones for a little extra shine

  • Helps with indigestion or heartburn- the oil soothes an upset or flair in the digestive system

  • Shaving cream- believe it or not, the oil softens the skin much better than traditional shaving cream, and is cheaper too!