10 Tips for Long Distance Relationship Success Over the Summer

College is a great place to meet amazing people from all over. Many Colligettes fall for someone from half way across the country (or farther) who they really connect with and maybe even fall in love with. This is all fine and good until summer comes creeping around the corner. Can your relationship withstand the distance? It is definitely possible and I have some tips for you to give your relationship a good chance for success over distance.


1.     Regular, diverse means of communication

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, so keeping this area strong while you are apart is vital to your relationship’s success. Thankfully, we live in a world of technology, so there are many different ways to stay in touch your babe. Skype is great for face time, you can text when you’re on the go (and you’ll be able to go back and read the messages if you’re having a bad day) and phone calls are great when you just really miss hearing their voice.

2.     Trust each other

If you can’t trust your significant other, long distance is not going to work for you. Being able to trust them and knowing that they trust you is the only way your relationship will last the whole summer.

3.     Keep Busy

If you just sit around the house all day, you leave your mind to wander. Chances are, you will end up spending days on the couch sulking because you are missing your babe. That is no way to live over summer break! Get your booty off the couch and go do something! Go out with your friends, get a job, or pick up a new hobby. Not only will this get your mind off of your significant other, but it will give you more to talk about with them other than how much you miss them (trust me, that conversation gets repetitive and old fast).

4.     Visit each other if possible

Three months is a pretty long time, so if you can plan to visit each other at some point in that time span, it could help you both get through it.

5.     Make sure you are both on the same page

If one of you isn’t fully invested in the relationship while you are apart, it doesn’t matter how hard the other one tries. It is not going to work. Before you leave your honey for the summer, make sure they want the relationship to last as much as you do.

6.     Send care packages/letters

These are not necessary, but they are easy ways to remind your significant other that you still care and you are thinking of them. And it is so much more exciting to get mail from your babe than to get a text from them. These are definitely worth the effort.

7.     Don’t text constantly

Communication is super important, don’t get me wrong, but if you are ALWAYS texting your babe, you are going to run out of things to talk about, and you are both going to miss out on the things gong on around you. Go out and live your life, and then when you have some down time, send them a recap. It’ll make for a much fuller conversation than all the “no, I miss you more” messages.

8.     Choose honesty

If you can’t be completely honest with your significant other, the relationship is bound to fail. You need to be able to tell them what bothers you and what you want and they have to be able to do the same with you. Silent tension builds astonishingly fast over miles of separation.

9.     Avoid temptation

Obviously, if you want a long distance relationship to work, you can’t go out and find a new cutie to hit on over the summer. You know this. But you also have to be mindful of situations where the temptation to stray will be heightened, and try to avoid them. No one is perfect, but there are precautions you can take to avoid a massive mistake in a moment of weakness.

10. Stay Positive

Distance sucks, and three months is a long time, but it will be easier to deal if you try to look on the bright side. Instead of thinking about how long you are apart, look forward to the day you will get to see them again. If possible, know the specific day and write it down as something to look forward to. Smile, enjoy your summer, and make plans with your babe about what you will do when you get back.


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