10 Times The Office Showed Us What Love Means

Warning! Spoiler Alerts!

In this month of love, no other show puts us in the feels like The Office. Jim and Pam may be your ideal image of a true American love, or maybe the odd antics of Holly and Michael float your boat. Either way, The Office has taught us a thing or two about attachment and affection, and here are ten ways this can be proven.


1. Dwight’s obsession with Michael.

Whether he be birthing a watermelon to teach Michael how to mark his baby, or offering his urine because Michael smoked weed at Alicia keys concert, Dwight is dedicated heart and soul to Michael.

2. Kevin’s love affair with food.

Kevin’s can often be found gazing wistfully at the vending machine, or cooking his famous chili.


3. Bob and Phyllis Vance.

Who could forget Valentine's Day and the plentiful annoying deliveries, or when Bob bid 1,000 against Dwight on Phyllis’s hug?


4. Angela and her cats (SPRINKLES!).

The kitty cam she used to watch her pets while she worked brought great joy (and terrible disgust), and whenever I hear sprinkles, I think of a half-alive frozen cat (horrible, I know).

5. Jim and Pam.

I don't really need to add much more to this, do I?


6. Kelly’s addiction to Ryan (and Ryan’s never ending pursuit to escape).

Kelly put herself through the ringer to gain (and keep) Ryan’s attention. And what does she get? A shifty weasel of a temp who started the fire!


7. Dwight’s devotion to Battlestar Galactica.

Dwight knows everything about this show, and Jim knows this. It's his secret weapon (along with every other prank up his sleeve) to inflict torture on Dwight’s precious love for Battlestar Galactica.


8. Michael and Holly.

Although their relationship was often weird and turbulent, Michael and Holly are soulmates and were created for one another.

9. Andy’s mania over Cornell.

Ever heard of it?


10. Stanley’s passion for Pretzel Day.

Stanley lives for free food, and on Pretzel Day, the love can’t be contained to just crossword puzzles.

Whether you're a fan or not, The Office will forever go down in history for its love, humor, and relatable moments.