10 Most Infuriating Movie Moments

Now, I’ve seen a lot of movies. Sad movies, happy movies, funny movies, boring movies, and of course, my personal favorite, movies that make me want to smash my nice, expensive TV screen to bits. It’s during these movies that I am not lying in comfort with my favorite fuzzy blanket, but standing, gaping in utter horror. So, pop some popcorn and try to regulate your breathing; we’re about to discuss the most infuriating movie moments that made my list.

Warning: This post could cause severe rises in blood pressure and internal cursing. Read at your own risk.

Double warning: Spoilers ahead!!!


#10 Aquamarine (2006)

The scene: Claire and Hailey go their separate ways

The entire plot of this movie was based on the idea of these two best friends achieving their one, impossible, magical wish: to not be separated. Literally, the entire plot. Once they get their one wish from Aqua? They decide they’ll move to opposite sides of the planet and save their wish for a rainy day. No harm no foul, right? Wrong. So wrong. Second-grade me is still fuming over this one. 


#9 Gone Girl (2014)

The scene: Amy and Nick’s interview

So, after your wife fakes her own murder, makes you the number one suspect, forges a positive pregnancy test, spends all of your life insurance money, flees the state, kills a man under false pretenses, comes back, apologizes, the two of you live happily ever after? You have GOT to be kidding me. 


#8 Grease (1978)

The scene: Sandy’s transformation

Oh don’t even get me started on the 1970s-aged misogyny that permeates this entire, beloved movie. I know, I know, it's an iconic scene and Sandy looks damn good, but she had to change her entire appearance and personality just to get a guy to like her more? Uh, no. Ladies: do not get any ideas while watching this movie.


#7 Marley & Me (2008)

The scene: Marley dying

This one needs no explanation. My one question is for the director, Mr. David Frankel. How dare you? 


#6 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The scene: Gwen Stacy’s death

When I first watched this scene I thought it was a joke. Some Breaking-Dawn-Part-2-vision tricks. But oh no, the reality was much, much worse and far more infuriating. They were going to move to England together. ENGLAND. Such a tragedy. I still have not fully recovered.


#5 Titanic (1997)

The scene: Jack’s death

You both could have fit on the floating wardrobe, Rose!!!!


#4 Inception (2010)

The scene: That ending!!

Was it a dream or was it reality? Does the top fall over or not?? WHICH IS IT, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN?!


#3 A Cinderella Story (2004)

The scene: No scene. Austin Ames is just stupid.

You expect me to believe that Austin Ames, soon-to-be Princeton student, quarterback of the football team, star of North Valley High School, was unable to tell Sam’s identity based off of the smallest mask in TV history? Seriously? How did this kid get in to Princeton?


#2 La La Land (2016)

The scene: The performance at Seb's

Ah yes. The movie that captured America’s heart. With an ending that, collectively, broke America’s heart. The last fifteen minutes were about as frustrating as Ryan Gosling’s incapacity to sing. I hope your six Oscars help you sleep at night, Damien Chazelle.


#1 Remember Me (2010)

The scene: Wait, it’s 9/11?!?!

I can’t even talk about this one without grinding my molars to dust. For the first time in his life Tyler was happy, and then this happens? He just made amends with his father!! He was in love!! He had a bright future!!! The audience didn't even know it was 2001!!! You can't just do this to us!!!