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Top 4 Webtoons to explore during your free time

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Webtoon is a webcomic publisher home to a plethora of comics comprising of diverse genres and art styles. Webtoons have a greater focus on art and presentation than your usual comics, thereby making them visually appealing for users. Here are my Top 4 Webtoon recommendations that you must give a try!

Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost is a mystery comic by Lee JongBeom wherein psychologist Dr. Frost, a professor by day and bartender at night, solves the puzzles of the human mind using his knowledge. It is a fantastic and realistic portrayal of the human mind and the author of the comic does not shy away from showing all the facets of psychology as is. This is a must-read for those who find clinical psychology intriguing.

Webtoon: Dr. Frost

The Makeup remover

This comic by Lee Yone puts forth Yesuel, a shy college student who knows nothing about makeup. An encounter with a makeup artist eventually leads her to participate in a makeup show where she eventually questions the role of makeup in society and its implications. Makeup Remover perhaps had the best writing and storyline I have ever seen while reading countless Webtoons. It thrashes your usual cliches and brings attention to some very important issues while being funny and interesting. A must-read for those who like romance stories where there is respect, consent, and understanding between the characters. (can’t believe that this is not the norm already ugh)

Webtoon: The Makeup Remover

Surviving romance

I might be biased, but Lee Yone might probably be the best Webtoon author. Surviving Romance by Lee Yone is all about horror and nothing about romance (yet). The comic follows the story of Chaerin who transmigrates into a romance novel and becomes the protagonist. Contrary to her expectations, the story experiences a twist that completely changes the genre of the novel. The horror-thriller vibes exuded by the novel and the various mysteries play out perfectly to keep the interest of the reader. Horror lovers, this is for you.

Webtoon: Surviving Romance

Purple Hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth is a mystery/crime comic by Ephemerys/Sophism with hands down the best art, storyline, and music ever. It follows the story of an officer who goes to great lengths to uncover the mysteries that have haunted her forever and an assassin who teams up with her to fight evil in a world gone mad. The comic is dark and vicious; the crimes portrayed are gut-wrenching. Despite this, the show has a steady fan following due to its stellar storyline with an art style that draws you in. Crime/Mystery readers should give this gem a try.

Webtoon: Purple Hyacinth

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