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A spoiler-free answer!

The first half of Money Heist’s season 5, dubbed as ‘Money Heist: Season 5 Vol. 1’, finally hit Netflix’s homepage and was immediately on the site’s Top 10 Trending list. The show, first released in 2017, was resurrected from its dormant state only when the pandemic settled its claws into people’s daily lives in 2020. An action-packed thriller crime series with a plan dotted down to the T enraptured people across the world. It became a household name for breaking the ice in conversations at a time when people were rendered speechless. With popularity came the common comment: “It is overrated”. So, I thought I’d break it down…is it really overrated?

Money Heist, known as ‘La casa de Papel in Spanish, has taken a tumultuous journey of two mega heists in its 4 and a half seasons. The heists are so massive that they almost seem unrealistic; after all, it is at the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain. However, the Professor’s forethought, which is unraveled with every new problem that occurs, is what impresses the audience, especially when the variables include impulsive and emotional team members, hostages, and agents of the government. The developments of various characters into a holistic person tackling an array of lessons and feelings bring the human touch to the calculative heists. There have been movies on heists but a tv series that fully focuses on it is rare unless you have binge-watched the entire show in one sitting like a really long movie. It is not that the show is flawless. Whether it is questionable characters or acts, the delving too much on sentiments, or whatever it is that one did not find enjoyable in the series, there are many loopholes and downsides. Nonetheless, nothing had to be perfect to be loved by many. 

As a show, Money Heist definitely has elements that make it worth watching. It is always up to every individual whether they like it or not. The storyline, acting, characterization, tension, and thrill along with the lessons – all of it has played a part in the value of the series. What is intriguing is how a show considered a failure was able to be revived and meet global attention on a platform like Netflix. Hence, to answer ‘is Money Heist overrated?’ – I think it largely depends on what you consider ‘overrated’ to be. Is it hyped up way more than what the show actually is? Has it become too mainstream and common? Or are there simply too many people around you who are pestering you to watch the show time and again? Those are the questions that should be asked.

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