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4 Korean Dramas To Watch After Squid Game

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TW: Murder, Sexual Assault, Death

The Korean TV show Squid Game has captured the interest of everyone all over the world with its intriguing storyline, immaculate art direction, and of course the cast who made it all happen. With the first season out and the second season still being in discussion, here are 4 Korean dramas to watch which are as unique, interesting, and shocking as Squid Game.

1. Beyond EVIL

Beyond Evil follows the story of two eccentric policemen with different values who investigate a string of murders occurring in the remote city of Manyang. The protagonists go above and beyond (including breaking the law) to catch the culprits, due to which the larger question of “Who is the Monster?” “Is it you?” “Is it me?” “Is it us?” arises. The show does a fabulous job of building multifaceted characters with each having an evil within them that they strive to hide. This slow-burn is a must-watch for all thriller enthusiasts.

Also, fun fact! The actor Heo Sung Tae (who plays Deoksu from Squid Game) is present in Beyond Evil where he plays a comedic yet dark character that you should not miss.

Available on Netflix.

Trailer: Beyond Evil


Prison Playbook displays the story of the prisoners and staff at the prison. Actor Park Hae Soo (Sangwoo in Squid Game) plays Kim Jehyuk, a Korean Baseball player with an eventful career. But all goes down when he gets a 1-year prison sentence for excessive force over the man who tried to sexually assault his sister. The drama, without any bias and prejudice, dives deep into the prison life of Jehyuk and his cellmates and all the stories that unfold within the slammer.

Available on Netflix.

Trailer: Prison Playbook


Stranger is about an exemplary prosecutor who suffers from a lack of social skills and empathy who teams up with a very social detective to catch the culprit behind a series of murders that shock the nation. They work together to unravel the corruption present in their workplaces. Stranger does a beautiful job in highlighting the political implications of the nature of their jobs and does not shy away from criticizing these organizations. The mystery only increases as the story unfolds and as a viewer, I can attest that this show forces you to participate in guessing the culprit. It’s a stellar drama for those who enjoy thrillers with a political touch. The show also has a second season with a different storyline that does not fall short of expectations.

Available on Netflix.

Trailer: Stranger

4. Move to heaven

Move to Heaven is a Netflix original show that follows the story of Geu-ru, a 20-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome, and his ex-convict uncle who come together to run a trauma cleaning company. The series touches upon death, family, relationships, and the value of life. It also showcases how Geu-ru and his uncle deal with the death of their close ones. Move to Heaven is a heart-wrenching slice of life drama that manages to touch the hearts of its viewers. It’s a must-watch for those seeking a therapeutic show in the midst of a pandemic.

Available on Netflix.

Trailer: Move to Heaven

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