Why I Wear Makeup, and Other Things I Don’t Just Do for Guys

There is an assumption that has always annoyed me to no end: that girls put on makeup solely to impress guys. My dad used to ask me, “Why are you getting all dolled up? It’s not like you’ll see any boys where you’re going.” I would always roll my eyes and give him the same speech about how girls don’t wear makeup for boys all the time.

I had always assumed that this was mainly a male belief, but the other day, my friend asked me the same thing when I put on makeup to go to the market with her. It then occurred to me that a lot of people, regardless of gender, have this preconceived notion that girls do certain things just for guys. It’s not just putting on makeup, either. It’s dressing in a certain way or working out or going to parties or even saying certain things and acting in certain ways.

So I am here to set the record straight: everything a girl does doesn’t have to be for a guy. I know that I can’t speak for all girls, but I can speak for myself, so here are the reasons that I do certain things that have nothing to do with the male species.


Wearing Makeup

I fell in love with makeup way before I even started to think that maybe boys don’t have cooties. As a little girl, I always enjoyed the idea of getting all dolled up. As I grew older, it became more like perfecting an art. There is something oddly satisfying about the perfect shade of lipstick and expertly applied eyeliner that motivates me to spend that extra fifteen minutes primping in the morning. So no, I don’t wake up and think, “I wonder if that cute guy in Quest will appreciate my eyeshadow today,” because number one, he won’t, and number two, I’m not doing it for male attention. I’m doing it because I enjoy it.

Dressing Nicely

I love getting dressed up. If I had the mental ability to stay motivated enough to wear a different one of Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar dresses every day, I would. I am a firm believer that the perfect outfit can give you enough self-confidence to do just about anything. And you can’t tell me that the sound of a girl walking down the street in heels isn’t the sound of a woman taking over the world. Because it is.


Dressing in Revealing Clothes

No, I’m not “dressing slutty” to attract guys. Maybe I’m showing cleavage because my boobs look good in this shirt. Maybe I’m showing my mid drift because I worked my butt off for the body I have and I want to show it off. Maybe I wear short shorts because I love my long legs. The sole purpose of my bare skin is not to attract the male species.


Working Out

There is a reason that working out is a treatment for depression and anxiety. Endorphins are my shit. There is literally no better feeling than leaving the gym after a fantastic workout that kicked your ass but also made you feel awesome because you got to blast Beyoncé while you did it. Beyoncé and endorphins make everything better. It’s a scientific fact.

The bottom line is that not only do girls not do things to impress guys, but they also shouldn’t feel like they have to either. No girl should feel obligated to change herself for a guy. You are a kick ass human being no matter what makeup or clothes you wear. Do things because they make you happy. Don’t worry about anybody else.


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