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Why Every Girl Should Spring Break With Her Mom


As you fill in that final multiple choice bubble on your last midterm, a wave of freedom hits and, alas, spring vacation is among you. With plans for a sunny beach, partying in your bikini, and lots of drinks, it seems everything is lining up for the classic spring break experience. Except, plot twist: your travel companion is not another college kid looking to let loose. It’s your mother.

It may sound like your trip has been crashed by a chaperone, but if your experience is anything like mine, you may just find that you are the chaperone to your mom. Needless to say, a mother does not always have to be the one who stops you from having a good time. In most cases, she is one of the few people who has known you your entire life. Regardless of whether or not you think she is right about the way she perceives you, she knows you… and better than you think. Here are 5 reasons why every girl should Spring Break (yes, that is a verb!) with her mother at least once.


1. Appearance is not an issue

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Wrong. Vacation is about relaxing and enjoying the scenery. How do you expect to get the full experience if you’re worried about posting the cool things you would have been doing had you not been worried about snapping the insta? With your mom, one quick photo does the trick to capture the memory. You don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect outfit just to get covered in salt, sand, and bird poop (it happens). Infact, you can save time, energy, and room in your suitcase by re-wearing some of your outfits without anyone there to remember. Instead, utilize your extra time to soak up the maximum amount of Vitamin D.


2. You don’t have to “be considerate”

Your family is obligated to love you no matter what. No matter how close you may be with your friends, you still have to consider their interests even if they don’t always match up with yours. Your mom has an idea of how you will want to spend your time and you won’t have to explain to her how you prioritize your daily activities. With her, you guys have all the time to do whatever you want, no compromise necessary. Also, there’s absolutely no way you will fight over the same hot waiter.


3. She will not judge you for being lazy

Okay, so maybe she’ll nag you about being unproductive, but in comparison to your friends, she’s a lot better at lying on a lounge chair for a few hours without getting restless. She’ll understand that college is exhausting and see that you’re tired because you’re working hard. Plus, you’ll recover from sleep deprivation much more quickly when you’re not out partying every night.


4. She’ll remind you to be cautious of your actions

This one may go without saying. Even so, it is easy to forget that theft, kidnapping, and violence happens everywhere, paradise included. When you’re with your friends, you don’t want to seem like a stick in the mud so chances are you’ll be a little less careful in order to focus on having a great time. With your mom by your side, you’ll want to be responsible without any reminders just to show her how independent you are without her.


5. You don’t have to worry about being an adult

Although she’ll keep you on your toes (and with your hand on your wallet at all times), it’s actually all right to let your guard down. You won’t have to worry as much about grown up things, like remembering directions, paying for dinner, or being on time for everything because you know it’s natural for your mother to be on top of it.


The next time your mom wants to do something you would normally only do with friends — make snapchat videos, down a few drinks, or play a round of Cards Against Humanity — (And I won’t deny that my mom and I have done all of those), do yourself a favor and take her up on the offer. Whether it’s with a suffocating hug, or an entire bottle’s worth of sunscreen, Mom has always got you covered.


Image credits: Sarah Sklar

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