Which André Are You?

There’s nothing I love more on a Saturday night than a glass of champagne. Nothing says celebration like sparkling wine, but since I’m living on a college student’s budget, my options for beverages are limited. The good news is, The Village Market has the hookup on the drink that has defined my drinking experience since the day after I turned 21, when I purchased my first bottle of peach André sparkling wine. Ever since then, the brand has been a staple of any weekend celebration, from Senior Soiree to passing comps.

On the night of Fandango, a party marking 100 days until graduation, my housemates and I each bought a different bottle of this fizzy delight. Although the market doesn’t have all nine varieties of André to chose from, they do have quite the selection. I couldn’t help but wonder if our varied choices had anything to do with the assortment of personalities present in our apartment. Upon further inspection, it’s clear to see that each bottle of this fine bubble has a personality all to its own. The only question is—which André are you?​



Have you ever felt just a little bit better than your peers? Been told that you’re an “old soul” or maybe a little uptight? If you’re the reserved type, someone who prefers a small crowd of like-minded peers you might be a Brut. Brut’s have a certain confidence about them. They’re that one kid who’s constantly talking in your seminar. You’re pretty sure they’ve already got a job lined up after graduation. They talk to professors after class for follow-up questions. A Brut’s ideal Saturday night is a gallery hop or a showing of some very exclusive indie film you’ve probably never heard of. You might feel misunderstood at times, but your friends know their is a fun side to you. Your drink of choice is probably champagne, after all.


Extra Dry

Don’t let the name fool you, these types still have fun. Extra Dry’s are the work hard, play hards of the bunch. If your room is a little messy and you didn’t get home until 3am last Tuesday Night, this might be the champagne for you. They’ve probably heard the “nerd bell” one to many times in the library after an intense study sesh. Extra Dry represents that friend who you never see because they’re just so busy. Days go by without ever seeing a glance of them. They might even be your roommate and you barely see them until the all-campus on Saturday night. Maybe they’re in 20 extracurriculars or just dedicated to a few, but you constantly wonder how they get anything done. Despite their heavy workload, or maybe because of it, they can be found dancing the night away every weekend, and possibly regretting it the next morning.


Cold Duck

Cold Ducks are chill. They have a child-like curiosity and are usually a little shy. They’d rather spend their weekend at home watching a movie with their roommate than tearing up the dance floor at an Old Kenyon rager. If you’re still listening to the music you still did in High School, or rocking your old marching band tees, you might be a Cold Duck. You love connecting with close friends over shared experiences. You’re the nostalgic type, but neat. You like things the way they are, and have a real aversion to change. Cold Ducks are the kind that keep everything in their place. They make their bed in the morning, and they keep a planner. They’re Type A’s but with a soft spot for the past. Cold Ducks love a good heart-to-heart.



Blush probably has a major is a small department and takes a bunch of strange classes. They might have multiple minors. They’re on the dislist for basically every activity offered, but chose to spent their time doing something on their own, like drawing or playing an instrument. You’re never sure how a Blush will spend their weekend. If you ask them to hang out, they’ll say something like, “we’ll see” or, “maybe.” Blush is a Type B. They don’t like to make plans. Blush has a story for every scenario and is constantly surprising people with their subtle wit. If you’ve ever spent an entire day at the BFEC instead of doing homework, or responded to everything with a pun, you might be Blush.



Peach is the most effortlessly cool person you know. They’re probably head of a club sport or sing in an a capella group. Somehow they know people in a million different social circles. It might be hard to pin down who their core group of friend are. You can’t help but be thrilled that they give you the time of day, and yet they’re just that friendly. If you’ve gotten a million Kenyon Crushes, you are constantly receiving social invites from even mere acquaintances, and you never have problems finding a seat in Pierce, you might be a Peach. Hold onto this moment, because you’ve made it. People either want to be you or be with you.



You know those people who are almost too nice? They probably head up a volunteer group or spent a large chunk of their time fundraising for one charity or another. You've probably seen them tabling in Peire more than once. They’ve got a tight-knit group of friends but still greet everyone by name when they see them, even people they just met that one time at a New Apt Party. A Strawberry will compliment your sweater on a bad day, or strike up a conversation with you in line for Pasta. You’re never sure if you’re actually friends with a Strawberry, but they’re always super nice. They’d probably help you cover up a crime and be your emotional support in the afternoon. Also, they give the best hugs. If you’ve ever spent your entire Saturday night coordinating a volunteer schedule or making signs for an intense fundraising event, you’re probably a Strawberry.Whether you’re a Blush or a Brut, your personality is a cause for celebration.! Drink responsibly Kenyon, and enjoy who you are! Stop by our very own Village Market and check out the endless supply André (if you’re 21, of course).


Image Credit: Reagan Neviska, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7