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What To Watch In February: Carrie Hope Fletcher


The sweet big sister of YouTube, Carrie Hope Fletcher is a British vlogger, actress, musician, and writer who is sure to brighten your dreary February day. She has acted on stage ever since she was a little girl, when she played young Éponine on the West End in London. As a 22-year-old (That’s right, she’s our age!), she has reprised her role as adult Éponine at the Queen’s Theatre and has been portraying the character for about a year now. She began her YouTube channel as a place to post covers of songs as well as original material. Over the years, she has expanded her videos to include vlogs and now has over half a million subscribers. Her wonderful singing voice and beautiful personality have resulted in her being crowned YouTube’s resident Disney princess.

Carrie came into her “big sister” role on YouTube a couple of years ago and takes her responsibility very seriously. She makes videos about body positivity, handling difficult relationships, and gives great life advice. A proud feminist, she encourages girls to be strong individuals who don’t apologize for who they are. And don’t worry, boys, the messages in her videos really are very universal! Carrie’s channel isn’t all serious stuff, though; she’s definitely not afraid to be silly on camera. She also shows her nerdy side, especially when it comes to books and Disney.

In other words, Carrie is the type of person who everyone would want as a best friend.


Since I’m sure you’re now dying to watch Carrie’s videos, here are five that you definitely need to see:

1. “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay”

In this video, Carrie addresses the strength found in expressing your emotions when mourning the loss of something in your life. Sometimes, things suck, and it’s ok to be down in the dumps when those times come! You don’t have to focus on being happy right after something sad has happened. The happiness will come with time. I love this video particularly because Carrie made it after a difficult personal event happened in her life, and you can really see her vulnerability.

2. “I See the Light (Tangled Cover)

I had to include this video for many reasons: 1.) I love Tangled, 2.) Carrie’s voice is beautiful, and 3.) This is the best cover of this song I’ve ever heard.

3. “Give Yourselves More Credit

This video is wonderful, because Carrie shows how appreciative she is of her audience and those who look up to her. Many people in her situation (someone with hundreds of thousands of adoring fans and a high-profile acting job) might develop a bit of an ego. Carrie, however, is without a doubt so completely humble and grateful for the love she receives. She also addresses an important issue: People need to realize their potential and own it.

Also, check out the extensive collection of Stitch toys in the background. So cute.


I love this video because, as anyone who is friends with me knows, I am a huge supporter of open and honest conversation. Carrie delivers this message specifically in regards to romantic relationships, grounding it in personal experience. She brings up the excellent point that honesty is crucial in all relationships, but it’s also important to know how to communicate the truth in a helpful and kind way.

5. “Happy and Healthy”

Carrie tackles the issue of body image in this absolutely fantastic, and maybe even revolutionary video, by discussing her weight and actually taking her measurements on camera. In a previous video, she casually mentioned her weight and received a lot of reaction from people who were surprised by it. As a supporter of body positivity, she asserts that as long as you are happy, healthy, and comfortable, then it doesn’t matter what other people think.

If you get hooked and want more suggestions, I recommend: “Weird Men On Trains,” “A Chat With Carrie,” “The Friend Zone,” and every single one of her other videos.

Carrie never fails to make me feel better when I’m having a bad day. She’s a personal role model because of the way she embraces life, loves and gives thanks to those around her, and goes after her dreams. She’s a fantastic woman for people of all ages to look up to. I highly recommend subscribing to her channel, ItsWayPastMyBedTime, and binge-watching all of her videos! You will end up feeling happy and warm on a cold winter day.

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