What My Hatred of Online Shopping Says About Me as a Person

I’ve been thinking a lot about online shopping lately. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I’m becoming increasingly aware of the many new outfits and shoes I’m going to have to buy once I become a “real adult.” I see a lot of people shop online, and they tell me how beneficial it is. Stores have online sales that in-person shoppers can’t take advantage of, they say. It’s so much easier to sit in your pajamas and shop instead of having to put on real pants and schlep to the store, they say.

I’ve never understood the concept of online shopping. Sure, I’ve bought phone chargers and books on Amazon, but I’ve never gone on an online shopping spree specifically for the purpose of buying clothes. As I contemplate this fact more and more, I realize that this standoffishness towards online shopping says a lot about the kind of person I am.

1. I have a tendency towards trust issues.

Nothing worries me more than the possibility of making an expensive order online and having it arrive damaged or messed up in some sort of way. I’d much rather transport the article of clothing from the store to my closet by myself, without worrying about the middleman. Also, pretty pictures on a store’s website can trick any customer; a cool floral detail in a photo can turn into some sort of botanical disaster in person.

2. I also probably have some sort of commitment issue.

I need to try something on before I buy it. I need to touch it, examine it, and decide if it has any flaws. I need to know if it looks good on me, if it compliments my body shape or my skin tone, before I even consider buying for it. The idea of paying money for something that I have never even touched is baffling to me.


3. I need affirmation.

Even when I shop in-person, I hate shopping alone because I need secondary opinions on how an outfit looks on me. Honestly, I’m not even the biggest fan of shopping with my friends either, because sometimes friends hesitate to share their honest opinions. My mother is always my shopping buddy; she understands my style and knows exactly what looks good on me. Though she will always gush at an outfit that looks amazing, she will also never hesitate to express disgust at something that looks horrible. I guess I could shop online with her peeking over my shoulder, but it wouldn’t be the same.


4. I can be kind of lazy.

I know that a lot of websites offer free returns, but I feel like I would not be able to muster up the energy to put my unwanted purchases back into a box, go all the way to the post office, and mail the package back. I can totally see myself receiving an online order in the mail, not falling completely in love with the outfit I bought, never wearing it, but still keeping it in my closet forever. When I buy something, I don’t want to do anything else with it besides wear it and wash it.​

5. I’m a pretty impatient person.

If I see a piece of clothing that I fall in love with, I want it at that very instant. I love the satisfaction of buying something, driving home with its shopping bag, and hanging it up as soon as I get back home. I can’t wait however many business days it may take for it to arrive.


Maybe my hesitancy towards online shopping doesn’t make me a true millennial. But I’d take a marathon trip to the mall over a marathon online shopping spree any day of the week.


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