What Guys Find Most Confusing About Girls

I wrote an article a couple weeks ago detailing some of the reasons why boys scare and utterly confuse me. A guy friend of mine was reading through the articles I had written and when he came across that article, he said, “Bullshit, girls are confusing too!” I had kind of already assumed that guys were pretty befuddled by us, but I was curious to know exactly what we do that confuses guys so much. So I decided to do some research and ask guys what they find most confusing about women. Here’s what they said:


Overanalyzing Situations Where There’s Nothing To Analyze

“You guys literally read into everything. I mean, everything.

Sometimes you learn something from reading into everything! The subtleties of body language and small, omitted words can tell you a lot about a situation! Freudian slip, anyone?


Spending Hours “Primping”

“How do you spend an hour on your makeup?! I mean, how long does it take to put on eyeliner?”

Some people have obviously never tried to master the perfect wing. That shit takes TIME.



This one did not surprise me. Most guys I know would rather fight one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons with their bare hands than deal with a crying girl. It’s like male kryptonite. But hey, it’s not our fault that society has emotional double standards for males and females. Sometimes a good cry is the answer to all of your problems.

Being Passive Aggressive

“When y’all [girls] get in fights, you don’t confront the problem head on. You get all passive aggressive, which doesn’t solve anything.”

Alright, maybe we do have a tendency to avoid confrontation. But confrontation is scary! It can be especially scary when you need to confront your close friend or a guy you like.

Venting Without Looking for a Solution

“Girls will talk for hours about their problems, but when you try to come up with any kind of solution, they shut you down!”

Coming up with a solution is not the point of venting. Sometimes you just have to get some stuff off of your chest in order to feel better. It’s cathartic.

The bottom line is, both girls and guys are confusing in their own ways. Heck, I’m a girl who finds other girls confusing sometimes! I’m sure guys find other guys confusing too! We are never going to fully understand everything everyone else does, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try! Communication is key.


Image Credit: Giphy, College Candy, Pinterest