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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

There are friends you call to do things with. Those friends who’ll show up at boot camp on Saturday morning or dance class on Sunday afternoon. Those friends who’ll go hiking or rock climbing, gallery hopping or movie watching, shopping or volunteering, with you. Those friends you connect with by engaging in activities you both find energizing or relaxing.

There are friends you call to fix things. If you have a problem, they have a solution. Better yet, they have multiple solutions. They always seem to know just what to say or do.

There are friends you call to consult with. Those friends who’ll give you perspective when you’re all tied up in knots, too fixated on your own way of thinking, and too muddled by assumptions and presumptions of how and what everyone else might be thinking. Those friends who’ll give you the straight-up pro-con list whatever situation you find yourself in.

There are friends you call to listen. When you call full of anger and wrath, or righteous indignation, they let you bark. When you call in the depths of despair, choked up with tears, they let you sob. They ask a few questions, stay fairly quiet, and let you unload.

There are friends you call to philosophize with. Those friends who’ll have something thoughtful to say when asked who they want to be, what gives their life meaning, where they’d escape to if they could, when they’ll be satisfied with what they’ve done, and why they’re happy or not happy. Those friends who wonder about where the future will take you both.

There are friends you call to acknowledge you exist and nothing else. There isn’t much you need or want to say, and there isn’t much you need or want to hear. Their awareness of you, your awareness of them—that’s all you ask for.

If you have one friend who can do it all, embrace them and never let them go. If not, think about how many friends you have who even come close.


Image credits: Hoi Ning Ngai