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Valentines Day: A Holiday to Hate

I hate Valentines Day. I often manage to find myself single or trying to shamelessly scare off my boyfriend in fear of spending a Valentines Day with someone. I don’t really like red roses. In fact, I much prefer white tulips. And to be quite honest, I hate the assorted chocolate hearts because I always just want to spit out the disgusting unknown substance inside. Oversized teddy bears have always given me the creeps and I have always preferred action movies to Romantic comedies.

Last year took the cake for my best Valentines Day yet when the boy I’d been with for two months managed to avoid all contact until 6 PM when I received a text saying “happy valentines day.” Needless to say, I got out of that relationship pretty quickly.  

Of course, I know there are a lot of great Valentines Day stories out there that certainly top my own. A good friend was kind enough to buy her boyfriend a nice tie for Valentines Day. The tie happened to have the school logo of the college he anticipated attending. Unfortunately he was rejected from the college a week after Valentines Day. Thankfully, the boyfriend’s roommate was accepted and made for a nice present from the boyfriend to his roommate!

Another friend was dumped on Valentines Day when her once boyfriend was informed by another girl that “he could do better.” Poor girl then had to witness her ex take a new girl to a dance, that night.

I will admit that I probably hate Valentines Day because I am cynical and have never had someone I care about to spend the holiday with. But I also hate the holiday because I truly believe there shouldn’t be a single day of the year to tell your loved ones you care about them. So, I challenge you to top these horrible Valentines Day stories this year on February 14th. But, on February 15th tell all your friends, family, and love-interests how much you care about them.


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