The Top 7 Struggles of Having the Same Backpack as Your Friend

For two and a half years, we have dealt with the struggle of having the exact same backpack. Even before we became friends, we lived in the same freshman dorm, and knew each other as “the other one” or “the girl with my backpack.” And, even though our friendship has flourished, our shared backpacks have still been an integral part of our time together; however, that’s not to say we don’t run into a few problems sometimes. Here are the top ten struggles we’ve dealt with!

1.  Getting weird looks when we walk together.


2. Accidentally grabbing each other’s backpacks when we sit together.


3.  Getting very defensive of the key chains that we have, because it’s the only thing that distinguishes our backpacks.


4.  Being afraid of wearing the same clothing (especially plaid) because then we’ll really look like twins.


5.  Feeling very vulnerable to pranks, such as having our friend’s items stuffed into our respective backpack.


6.  Maybe even getting confused for each other, even if we don’t look anything alike.


7.  Even though our backpacks are old and disgusting, we don’t want to get other ones, because it’s like losing a special part of ourselves.


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Having the same backpack can be rough, and even downright awkward, but losing this sacred bond would be just as worse and hard to bear. For now, we might continue to have mini heart attacks every time we think we grabbed the wrong backpack, but it’s a mistake we’re glad to make.