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The Top 10 Emojis Apple Forgot in the Update

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

It seems that every time Apple gets a new update, the world slows down for a moment to reevaluate its priorities. People suddenly become adamantly upset about font sizes, screen orientation, swiping frequency and other minuscule things that only iPhone culture could bring to the foreground of our minds. Usually, the Apple update is something that takes a day or two to adapt to, but after having my iPhone for the second year in a row, I’m fed up. I’m outraged and I’m disappointed.

Apple: where is the avocado emoji??

Apple got a new update and there is still no avocado emoji! In our Chipotle loving society, this seems impossible. How can I communicate without a miniature representation of green, creamy deliciousness? This is possibly the biggest first world problem ever, buy my love of avocados is out-weighing my guilt. Essentially, Apple is overlooking emojis that are vital to modern communication!

Am I being hyperbolic? Yes. Am I wrong? Heck no.

Emojis have been part of the Apple brand and signature image for over three years now and yet there is a consistent lag between emojis and the relevance to Apple customers. There are easily fifty emojis I could recommend Apple include in the next update, but for now, here’s the top ten emojis that they’re missing:

1.     The avocado.

2.     The selfie.

3.     Netflix.


4.     Beyoncé.

5.     The man-bun.

6.     The “coffee to-go” (or, the Starbucks emoji).

7.     Goth face.

8.     And the black heart to go with it!

9.     A sloth.

10.  Boxed wine.


Honorable mentions: the Tardis, a mermaid, the Hunger Games Salute, all the “Single Ladies” dancers, blueberries, fro-yo, and the Nutella emoji.


What kinds of emojis would you like to see?


Image sources: Tumblr.com, pinterest.com, Giphy.com