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They Opened 5 Mini Fridges. What They Did Next Will Bring You to Tears. I’ll Never Look at Fridges The Same Way Again! #4 Will Make You Question EVERYTHING.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

Have you ever strolled down Middle Path in between classes, making awkward eye contact with your fellow Kenyonites, and wondered what’s inside their fridges? Neither have we, but we decided to conduct some intense investigative journalism anyway to find out. Beware: the information listed below is the culmination of a night filled with adventure, crowded elevators, awkward in-front-of-fridge conversations, and steamed-up glasses (mostly from the awkward conversations) –– one interview was even conducted in a shower. It wasn’t an easy ride, but, in the end, it was an honest night’s work and we’re glad to supply the people with what they’ve always wanted. Please also note that we have voted to keep the owners anonymous to protect them as well as the contents of their fridges.


Fridge 1

Contents: 1.5 Gatorades, 3 Snack Packs, Cream Soda, Corn (???), Ice pack.

Who would play your fridge in the movie of its life? Bill Murray.

Dream fridge item: 5 Bottles of Pinot Grigio.

Fridge 2

Contents: Carrots, Hummus, 2 Cokes, Sprite, Grated Parmesan, Ice, Ice pack.

What’s a fun fact about your fridge? I got it at Walmart, right before freshman year.

Dream fridge item: Birthday cake.

Fridge 3

Contents: Keystone Light, Pepto Bismol, Ice Pack (not pictured).

If your fridge was a Nickelodeon show, what would it be? Hey Arnold!

Dream fridge item: Gallon of Arnold Palmer/lots of pudding.

Fridge 4

Contents: Yeast, brown ale, unidentified bagged items.

If your fridge was a major theatre production company, who would it be? Royal Shakespeare Company.

Dream fridge item: Juice.

Fridge 5

Contents: Snack Pack container.

If your fridge was a famous artist, who would it be? Andy Warhol.

Dream fridge item: Newman’s Own Pink Lemonade.


Well, are you surprised? We were, but mostly at the fact that people actually let us take pictures of their fridges. See you next time on our new series, “What’s in Your ______ ?”


Image Sources: Buzzfeed.com, Kenyon College students

Reagan Neviska is a senior at Kenyon College where she studies Anthropology and Music. She is an active member of her coed Greek service organization, The Archon Society, as well as the president of Gospel Choir, a Her Campus Chapter Writer, and a member of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, where she plays percussion. Reagan's interests include reading, practicing and listening to music, playing with dogs (her family has four!) and watching Downton Abbey.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Reagaroni.