Subscription Box Review: Simple Loose Leaf

Subscription boxes are all the rage. They come in every possible theme, delivering all the products you could think of to your doorstep every month for a small fee. I am absolutely, unashamedly guilty of falling prey to the subscription box, but they do get quite expensive to keep up with, especially considering a college student’s meager income. My solution? Ask for them as a gift during the holidays or for your birthday! This is how I got my hot little hands on a three-month subscription to Simple Loose Leaf.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company offers monthly subscriptions for loose leaf tea. They offer four different boxes: Herbal Decaf, Green Tea, Black Tea, and their Original Sampler Box. I opted for this last box because I love to try all different kinds of tea. Each box is $10 and includes four different teas and enough of each for five cups of tea. Read on to hear what I thought about my first two boxes!

What I (Sort Of) Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, the first tea I tried was not for me. It’s called “Genmaicha” and is a green tea with popped corn and toasted hulled rice kernels. I decided to try it first because it looks really different from every other tea I’ve seen. Take a look for yourself!

The taste was also unlike any other tea I’ve tried, but not in an appealing way. Even though I didn’t like this specific tea, part of the idea of getting this subscription box was to try new kinds of tea, so I didn’t mind too much. The reusable linen tea bags included in my first box were also not my kind of thing. I think these are a great idea (and environmentally conscious, but I already have reusable tea filters. One is even shaped like a dinosaur!)

What I (Absolutely) Love

While some parts of the box weren’t for me, I will say that this box was basically designed for a tea-lover like me. Each month, I get to try four new types of tea. What gets better than that? I’ll tell you what: Blue. Lady. Grey.

First of all, Earl Grey (and the many variants) is my all time favorite type of tea. I currently have six different kinds of Earl Grey in my tea drawer (yes, I dedicate an entire drawer of my desk to tea). I still have one or two cups worth of tea left from this one, but one of the awesome things about this subscription box is that you can later purchase full sizes of the teas that you take a liking to.

Another great thing about this subscription box is that the size is just big enough to really enjoy the teas you like, but not so big that you feel like you’re wasting the ones you don’t. Also, you can share the teas you don’t like as much—maybe even make a mini-tea sampler for a fellow tea drinker!

Next time you find yourself awash in the ever-growing world of subscription boxes, definitely give Simple Loose Leaf a look if your beverage of choice is hot tea and you like to try new things.

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