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That is one good thing about this world. . . there are always sure to be more springs,” L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Avonlea). 

Spring has sprung… supposedly. Though there’s not quite springtime weather in Ohio just yet, now’s the time for preparation, and to be excited for the spring to come! 

I think it’s important to start off by discussing the name of this season. The word “spring” is cute in itself. You can spring into action, and a flower can spring from its stem, but the definition that I like to think of is Mirriam Webster’s meaning, “a time or season of growth or development.” What a wonderful idea — a season dedicated to blossoming and maturing. Spring is for self-care and personal growth. 

After a long, dark winter, spring is a reward. It’s Mother Nature’s gift to us after surviving bitterly cold days, and icy sidewalks. We’re given seasonal flowers and baby animals to admire. We’re given time in between the extreme cold and extreme heat. We’re given the time to just enjoy being outside. 

The other seasons each have their own positives and negatives, but I believe that spring is purely wonderful. This is the time when the sun begins peeking out and when sundresses and smiles are plentiful. Sure, it can get a little rainy, but even the rain is delightful, and from the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops comes the greenest grass and the post-rain smell. 

Now, I will say that pollen is a not-so-fun part of spring. And yet, just think of the bumble and honey bees — the friendly ones, not the wasps and yellowjackets — we are so lucky to get beautiful flowers and the botanical-scented fresh air. Pollen is terrible, but it’s also essential to the production of flowers, and I, for one, am a big fan of flowers. 

Kenyon has taught me about the versatility of spring. The mornings are perfect for wearing a light jacket and taking walks in the brisk weather. And then the mid-day sun comes out, the jackets come off, and the Vitamin D dopamine increases. Springs at Kenyon specifically are so lovely. It’s the perfect time to visit the Gap Trail, throw a frisbee around, or even do homework at a picnic bench. 

Spring fashion is also top-tier, as it’s the beginning of sundress season. Personally, I adore Kenyon’s “Sundress Day,” a term I have used to describe the first truly warm spring day when the school’s sundress-wearers get to show off their cutest spring outfit. Spring fashion does not stop here. Tennis skirts, linen shirts, and pastel colors each have their time to shine. 

Some of the best activities are meant for spring. This is the season for taking walks through the woods, flying kites, and going on picnics. It’s the season for cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, for planting flowers, and for dandelions. This is the time to lay on a blanket and read outside, to spend hours window-shopping, and to ride your bike. 

Slowly and cautiously, the days are officially getting longer and the weather is becoming warmer. Spring is marvelous and I can’t wait until we get to enjoy it!

Mary is a sophomore at Kenyon. She loves baking, knitting, and watching cozy rom-coms.