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Quiz: What Peirce Mug Are You?

Almost daily, I go to Peirce dining hall and enjoy a cup of tea. While I often carry a travel mug, one of my favorite activities at lunch is checking out the sweet Sustain-A-Mugs that Eco helped collect in order to cut down on paper cup usage. There are tons of donated mugs, many which look like they just came out of your grandmama’s kitchen cabinet. Everytime I make myself a nice cuppa, I try to get a different mug. At this point, I feel like I have a good grasp on the full spectrum.

From the average:


To the cute:


To the strange:

With all these mugs in mind, I had only one question: what mug am I? Which ceramic drinking vessel truly captures my unique personality? I set out to find the answer. My result is presented below in the form of a quiz. Take it below to find out. (I got the Goose mug!)


What Peirce mug are you? 

Which Peirce mug are you? Let us know if the comments below!


Image credits: Reagan Neviska

Reagan Neviska is a senior at Kenyon College where she studies Anthropology and Music. She is an active member of her coed Greek service organization, The Archon Society, as well as the president of Gospel Choir, a Her Campus Chapter Writer, and a member of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, where she plays percussion. Reagan's interests include reading, practicing and listening to music, playing with dogs (her family has four!) and watching Downton Abbey.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Reagaroni.
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