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Presents Every Mother Will Love Available Right Here in Gambier

We’re used to having essentially zero shopping options here in Gambier. That fact is not always easy to deal with, especially when Mother’s Day falls the Sunday after finals. For many of us, it will be the first full day back home, and we won’t have time to hit the mall before May 12. Here are some great buys that don’t require living in the real world.

1. Kenyon swag. A hat, a “Kenyon Mom” mug, a sweatshirt. It really doesn’t matter what. Items from college are always thoughtful and much-appreciated gifts and allow her to rep your school.

2. A Shutterfly photo album. Everyone wants to make their family and friends hand-made scrapbooks that will be cherished forever and ever. Maybe it’s even happened a couple times, but we all know it will not happen in the midst of college finals. Photo album sites like Shutterfly allow for the thoughtful and personal touch to come through, and make it actually doable!

3. Amish anything. Kenyon has what no other college has. Or very few at least. Amish people line Middle Path selling their delicious pies and adorable aprons.  Who doesn’t want a handmade Amish basket? Now that, you can’t get just anywhere.

4. A book! Yes it seems easy and unoriginal, but you have an entire bookstore at your disposal to find the perfect book. Whether its one of your all-time favorites, a new one you read for class, or one written by one of your professors, your mom will appreciate the thought. Add a thoughtful inscription to the inside cover, and it will mean even more!

5. Cook dinner. Everyone goes back home with a list of food for their parents to make and a list of restaurants for them to take you to. Imagine Mom’s surprise when you take charge of the kitchen on your first full day home. Set the table, put some flowers out, and have a movie prepared for a post-dinner family movie night.



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