An Open Letter To My Neighbor Who Smokes Weed

Dear Neighbor,

After a long and stressful week, I came back to my dorm to find the overpowering smell of weed permeating the hallway.  Now, I understand wanting to relax at the end of a hard day, but I have a favor to ask.

Can you not smoke weed in your room?

I’m not saying you can’t smoke. But if you want to do that, please do it outside. I know there is always the temptation of staying in the warm, coziness of your own room instead of having to get a coat and pants on to find a secluded spot out in the cold air. (Yes, I know it just snowed a little in April, but it’ll get warmer, I swear.) But my roommate and I, plus our other hallmates, would definitely appreciate it if you did. Here’s why.

Marijuana’s strong, pungent odor is not easy to hide. Not to mention it’s still an illegal substance in Ohio, afterall. Be respectful of others around you who may be uncomfortable with being in such close proximity of it, since it may make them concerned that they will be blamed for the smell. On top of this, the skunky smell is not pleasant and has started to seep underneath our door, sometimes lingering on my own clothes the next day. No one likes coming home to their room and smelling this, especially at night, not to mention that other people on our hall may have asthma or other medical issues that the smoke irritates.

The good news is that spring is basically here!  As it gets less chilly, it isn’t as unappealing to go outside to smoke, so that should help motivate you. If you need to do it and you don’t have enough time to find a spot outside, try doing it during the day when neighbors are less likely to be around but also still take extra precautions. For instance, smoke smaller amounts of it and sit next to your open window while you do so. You could even plug a towel under your door and continuously spray Febreeze if you have to.

What I’m trying to say is, please try to be more considerate of how your smoking weed affects the people you’re living around. (No one deserves to be worried about giving the wrong impression if their clothes smell like weed in public!)

If people are complaining about it to their CA, it’s time to stop and consider alternatives. Living in a dorm means that we have to be cooperative with and respectful to the other people we’re living with. We share a hall and a bathroom, but we can also share the responsibility if someone gets in trouble for having an illegal substance. Don’t be unsympathetic and ignore the feelings of those around you by continuing to smoke. Show kindness and awareness that it may bother your fellow hallmatesthis alone would solve a lot of problems!

Thanks for listening,

Your Neighbor


Photo Credit: AMC Networks, Giphy