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My Top 10 Favorite Quotes From Pride and Prejudice

We can all agree that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has been one of the most universally adored novels, regardless of its early 19th century setting. But what is it specifically that contributes to its lasting impression? Besides the fact that it is hypocritically hilarious, rich in language, a celebration of a brave female character, and the rom com to end all rom coms, the text is also very easy to identify with, even today. Here are a few of those wonderful, witty and relatable moments, which also double as some of my favorite Austen quotes.


1. “So what do you recommend to encourage affection?” – Mr. Darcy

“Dancing. Even if one’s partner is barely tolerable.” – Elizabeth

Jane Austen-style flirting wins, especially between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

2. “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?” – Mr. Bennet

3. “Do not consider me now as an elegant female intending to plague you, but as a rational creature speaking the truth from her heart.” – Elizabeth Bennet

After Mr. Collins’s pompous, emotionless proposal, Lizzy does not shy from stating her true feelings. That’s why we love her!

4. “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book!” – Caroline Bingley

“When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”

5. “People themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.” – Elizabeth Bennet

6. “I certainly have not the talent…of conversing easily with those I have never seen before.” – Mr. Darcy

Social gatherings are the worst. We feel you, Mr. Darcy.

7. “What are men to rocks and mountains?” – Elizabeth Bennet

In a time of socially expected feminine dependency, Lizzy channels her single, independent identity throughout the novel—all the while maintaining her humor!

8. “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” – Mr. Darcy

Their romantic connection is nothing less than idyllic, making me question why people don’t use the word “ardently” nowadays.

9. “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.”  

Modern day parties may not necessarily exemplify these extravagant, elegant balls, but at least we all still appreciate dancing.

10. “Only the deepest love will induce me into matrimony. So, I shall end an old maid.”

Because aren’t we all waiting for our own version of Mr. Darcy to convince us that love is real?

The world of academia will continue to explore the lasting effect of Pride and Prejudice, but, for now, why not just let the words speak for themselves, in explaining the novel’s timeless capabilities.


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