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Mark Torcivia

Name: Mark Torcivia
Birthday: January 1, 1991 - He's turning 21 at midnight on New Years. "I'm nervous...for my life."
Major: Political Science
Status: Single
Hometown: Can you just put "Bluff?"
What kind of food would you turn into a lady?
Are you kidding? Do I have to answer that? Licorice. Twizzlers.
If you could have any magic power, what would it be?
(No pause) Stop time. I've known that one for a while. 
What is the sexiest magic power a woman could have?
You know the Incredibles? Mrs. Incredible is elastic woman. She can stretch.
How do you have such a good French accent?
Natural talent.

MFK - Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice?
Alright. Definitely have to kill Bachmann because she is crazy. F Sarah. Marry Condoleezza and ride on her success. I'd have her play piano at my parties.
What is this scent of masculinity I smell wafting from your body?
Natural? I mean I took a shower and put on deodorant. I don't know what you're looking for. 
Do your saxophone skills ever come in handy when you're wooing the women?
Uh, yes. Always. Every time I take it out of the box.
What Kenyon building would you marry?
Why do I have to marry all these inanimate objects? Bushnell.
Disney princess you'd like to take home?
Um, probably Ariel. Although she is a ginger...
How's being Kenyon's one and only private investigator?
Business is slow. We've gotta get a marketing team out there.
Do brunettes have more fun?

You tell me.
What would you do on a date with Mary Ann?
Probably go to a Nascar race.
Have you ever been?
Nah, I wish.
If there were an apocalypse, which one of your roommates would die first?
Probably Remy due to a fatal accident. 

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