Mac vs. PC: My Unreasonable Loyalty

I’ve never been particularly loyal to brands. They’re just labels, fancy boxes, and more money, buying something out of loyalty isn’t my style. Neither am I particularly technology conscious. I can navigate pretty much any type of smartphone, but I’m stumped by my computer performing anything other that perfectly. These things combined seemingly would not build up to the idea that I had any particular feelings regarding the purchasing of a new laptop for college. And yet, the idea of coming to Kenyon with a first and brand new Macbook repulsed me. I am a PC girl and I refuse to change.

There is literally no reason for me to not like Macs. I used to say I didn’t like the operating system, but that’s a lie, mainly because the system is simple and easy to use, and I could, in theory, just download windows to the Mac. The entire universe uses Macs and I have an iPhone; it’s not like I’m boycotting Apple products. But the truth of why I refuse to have a Mac lies within those facts: I cannot stand the infinite line of little glowing apples every time I walk into class.

In this one thing, I become unreasonably and irrationally righteous. This is not to say that my PC (Named William, 13 inch screen, adorable) is not worth having. My computer is functional, lightweight, and, like I said, adorable. William is a devoted and hardworking machine, and beyond my ridiculous prejudice, I still would choose him over any Mac on the market. But this is not why I asked for a PC for college. I asked for a PC because I, Lily Alig, believe that my single purchase will help tear down the infectious plague that is the Mac laptop.

As I said, I am rather unreasonable.

I’ve had a problem with authority since I was young, probably stemming from being one of the youngest in my whole extended family of mostly very powerful women. This has been transferred to a multitude of things in my life, from my relationships with my high school teachers (sometimes contentious, mostly pleasant) to this ridiculous issue I have with Apple. But is it that strange?

Apple dominates the laptop market, and you only have to walk onto any college campus to see proof. There are rows upon rows of Macbook Pros in all my lecture-based classes and it is slowly driving me crazy. I pride myself on having a PC. Not only am I not subscribing to the cultural phenomena, in my small way, I’m counteracting the preeminence Apple has in the world of personal computers.

Some may argue that this is not the war that I should be fighting. This may not be the cause that I should be focusing my energy on when there is so much injustice still in the world. Plus, I have an iPhone; it’s not like I’m all that devoted. Those people would be right. There is no justification for this rant, there is no fleshed out reason behind this ill-fated opinion of mine. Regardless, I’ll hold onto this one. This one silly, little thing, I will fight for, because why not? Why not take one harmless stance and stick to it? There is nothing wrong with a little random passion.

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