Kenyon Pick-Up Lines 2.0

With Valentine’s just around the corner, it’s time again for another installment of “Kenyon Pickup Lines.” As with all embarrassingly cheesy lines used an attempt to woo someone, please use these responsibly. Results may vary.

  • For the cute guy in the servery: “Pierce is out of forks again, I guess we’ll have to spoon.” 
  • “You’re hotter than Chef Megan’s Sriracha Chicken.”

  • “Do you live in Horvitz? ‘Cause you’re a work of art.”
  • “I hope you’re an Anthropology Major, cause I’d like to have your ‘Palme’ in mine.”
  • For that special musician in your life: “I guess you could say I’m a ‘Koke’ addict...”

  • “Are you a Music Major? Cause you know all the ways to pluck my heartstrings.”
  • “Oh, have I seen you outside Rosse? Because you’re are an angel...”

  • “You remind me of mac and cheese wedges, because you always make my day better.”
  • “To paraphrase our Alma Mater, My loyal heart avows no other.”

  • “Are you a college mattress? Because you’re extra firm.”
  • “You’re like Middle Path in the dead of winter. Cause you’ve got me falling for you.”

  • “Being with you is like falling on the ice. You take my breath away.”