10 Kenyon Pickup Lines

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and if you’re ready to chat up the cute guy down the hall, here’s a few linest that you can use to catch their attention...or maybe send them running.


  1. “I’ve been Philander ‘Chasing’ after you all night.”
  2. (For the History major): “I’ve got my ‘Seitz’ set on you.”
  3. “I’ll show you a ‘Hillel’ of a good time.”
  4. (For your favorite singer): “Why does Peirce only serve Pepsi products? I’d prefer a ‘Koke...’”
  5. “You’re my Middle Path - everything centers around you."
  6. (At the servery): “Unlike Peirce, I love every side of you.”
  7. “Hello? Campus Safety? I’d like to report my heart as stolen.”
  8. “Want to hear my Kenyon Confession? I’ve got it bad for you.”
  9. “Your love, like the Kokosing, has me obedient to some strange spell.”
  10. And, in the spirit of Philander Chase: “Well, this will do.”