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Introducing Manjul, the Co-Founder of an International Non-Profit!

Name:  Manjul Bhusal Sharma

Year: Senior

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Majors: Math and Economics

Campus Activities: Co-Manager of Snowden Multicultural Center, Admissions Fellow, Club Soccer, Kenyon Cricket Club, Delta Tau Delta

Podcasts or Netflix: Podcasts  

Truth or Dare: Truth

F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Parks and Rec: Seinfeld

Llama or Alpaca: Llama

What was the inspiration for Reinstalling Hope?

“The urge to make communities in developing countries equitable and prosperous was the inspiration for Reinstalling Hope. At Kenyon, I met Maher, who like me had a passion for improving conditions in rural areas of the world. After discussions with some professors and based on what we researched, we came to the conclusion that education is the most effective way to bring about positive changes and break the cycle of poverty in marginalized societies.”

How has your life in Nepal affected your outlook at Kenyon?

“I will be forever indebted to Kenyon for what it has done to me. It has not only provided me with a quality education that has shaped the way I view the world, but also provided a platform to meet exceptional individuals who inspire me to be a better human being. I think my life in Nepal coupled with my time at Kenyon gives me a slightly better understanding of the world we live in.

If Reinstalling Hope had unlimited funds, what would it do with it?

“We would build an educational institute where kids without resources would get to live and study for free. The institute would not only focus on traditional education system but also work towards preserving indigenous art and skill. We would be a goal for every other public school in Nepal to aspire to. And thus, achieve our long term goal of making quality education affordable in developing countries. ”

Favorite memory from Reinstalling Hope?

“Being able to coach soccer with Maher to the students of Snowland School in the summer of 2014 is one of my favorite memory thus far. Our team was participating in the Coca-Cola Inter School Tournament and we even made it to the Sports section of a national newspaper. As someone who had grown up idolizing Jose Mourinho, one of the greatest soccer coaches ever, it was a pleasure to finally have a team to manage. Together we put smiles on the faces of our players, and there’s no satisfaction like that.”

What’s your vision for the future of your organization?

“We want to make the most of every dollar that we receive in donations and we are constantly looking for ways to effectively use our resources. We also want to have volunteers in as many schools in the US as possible. That allows us to increase awareness towards our cause and encourage more people to think for others.”

What’s one piece of advice that you keep in mind?

“Professor Yang Xiao, in his philosophy classes, used to repeatedly remind us how all good things in life come as by-products. I remind myself of that every once in awhile.”

Thanks, Manjul! You can learn more about Reinstalling Hope by reading this article.

I'm a first-year at Kenyon College. I was raised in Staten Island, New York. I'm a Scorpio. I'm a delicate balance between introvert and extrovert. I'm into Environmental Science and Politics. I'm super excited to be part of Kenyon's Her Campus team. Go Ladies!
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