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I Let A Cat Choose My Beauty Routine

October is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate the spooky season than showering your local black cat with love. In my case, that just happens to be my friend Eva’s cat, Oliver (also known as Ollie or Ollie-cat). Ollie is only nine months old and a very curious little man, so when Garnier reached out to Her Campus Kenyon and provided us with products to try, I figured Ollie might just be the perfect boy to help me pick out what to try first. In order to do this, I set up a little experiment. I lined up all three Garnier products (Shine+Hold Liquid Pomade, Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser, and Miracle Nectar Leave-in Conditioner) in random order on the floor and waited for Ollie to show interest in them. The order in which Ollie touched or sniffed each product would then be the order I tried them in. Then, I ranked the products again based on my own experiences with them. 

As documented by these lovely photos, Ollie made very clear choices. The order I tried these products went as follows:

Ollie’s #1 Pick: Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser  

Ollie booped his nose to the cleanser first, and so I followed his wishes and tested this before anything else. The packaging said it “gently foams to remove makeup + cleanses + refreshes,” which sounded perfect because I had been wearing liquid lipstick all day and was ready to take it off. As you can see from the before and after pics, the cleanser did remove my lipstick pretty darn well (though it required just a little bit of scrubbing). As for the cleansing and refreshing, I would say that this product dried out my skin a tad, but overall, it does what it advertises.

Ollie’s #2 Pick: Shine + Hold Liquid Pomade 

This product was my least favorite of the three. To start off, I don’t think I have the right hair type or style the pomade is intended for. I feel like this product would be great for someone with short hair who loves to style it differently every day and experiment, but that person is not me. When I tried to style my hair in a more elaborate up-do, everything just felt sticky and sad. This product was not something I would use again, but it's something I would recommend to other friends with different hair types and styles to try.

Ollie’s #3 Pick: Miracle Nectar 

This might have been my favorite of the three. I love a good leave-in conditioner, and I’m so happy that Ollie ended up choosing the best for last! My hair felt silky and smooth after using this (which was perfect after using that sticky pomade), and also so soft! Of the three products, I'd be most likely to recommend this one. I think this product would be especially good for those who regularly curl or straighten their hair, as my hair definitely felt less damaged after using this product. 

In summation, letting a cat choose my beauty routine with these Garnier products was a super fun experience. I love cats, and I love testing products and reviewing them. October is one of those months where I think it can sometimes be easy to stop taking care of yourself, what with all the midterms and the change of the seasons. If you’re looking to practice some self-care, I’d highly recommend spending some time petting a cat, hanging out with friends, and maybe even testing out some of the products that I tried today! Thank you to Garnier for the products and the very fun day, and another big thank you to Eva for letting me feature her sweet cat. Here’s to hoping that everyone has a great October!


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Maggie hails from a southwestern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's a lover of baking (especially apple pies & banana bread), swimming, reading, hiking, and biking. A Junior at Kenyon College, Maggie is an Environmental Studies Major with a concentration in Scientific Computing.
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