The HerCampus Kenyon Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Edition

You might be cutting it a little close but that's no reason to give up on finding a great gift for your Valentine (at any stage of committment). The writers at Her Campus have diverse there's sure to be something here for everything. From the gifts we want to receive to the ones we'd love to give, we've got you covered:

Gifts to Satisfy Both Your Desires:

Marissa Morte: Lingerie is sure to please any boyfriend on Valentines Day so it's pretty much a great gift for the both of us.

Jane Rosenfeld: Who doesn’t want candy on Valentine’s day...

Gifts for Him:

Elizabeth Friedman: This Brooks Brothers bow tie is the perfect gift for your special guy, and he can wear it for so many occasions -- from a dinner date to something a little bit fancier!

Emily Sakamoto: “Hornberg” Shawl Collar Sweater If a guy can’t pull off a shawl collar, he’s not sexy enough.

Emma Miller: I want to date the men who model these sweaters for J.Crew, so I figured I could start by buying them for someone? (Plus, this way, I’d have a cashmere sweater to borrow!)

Sarah Bence: If you like nerds and want to subliminally encourage your Valentine to bake you cookies, buy this for your Valentine!

Abby Roberts: This dapper sweater could make any man instantly more attractive. And the color--so pretty.

Celia Cullom: Watches are classic, but this one, which can be bought at REI, acts as a GPS and keeps track of your speed and distance in addition to telling time.

Sara Spruch-Feiner: This Alden Unlined Chukka Boot is perfect for the guy with high-style who wouldn’t buy himself such schmancy shoes. Plus, every time he wears them I’d have the added bonus of knowing I picked em out!

Annie Sheslow: While I am currently in an amazingly [imaginary yet] fulfilling relationship with my boyfriend Mike, I think future Mr. Right will be so dazzled by my beauty that he will need to be constantly inebriated. Either that or I will be dating Daniel Craig and he will pour us brandy from his crotch flask while we are parachuting into Rome.

Faith Masterson: It's always fun to mix it up and this game could be just the trick

Rachel Larson: For those of you in a new relationship, a relaxed relationship, or simply aren’t to the point in your relationship of buying your guy a one hundred dollar watch from Fossil, this whimsical t-shirt will be just the right amount casual and unique.

Elizabeth Douglass: Enjoy Bacon Salt together!

And for us... 

Elizabeth Friedman: Check out this statement necklace from Francesca's if you’re looking for a new necklace that you can dress up for a date or dress down for a day of classes.  With three bold colors, this piece is sure to match more than one item from your wardrobe, and it even goes nicely with the Brooks Brothers bow tie above!

Emily Sakamoto: Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick  (Color: Fireworks 756) Because every girl feels sexier in red lipstick. And Dior is worth it, no matter what.

Emma Miller: Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a delicious french toast breakfast? If anyone wants to make me nutella french toast with strawberries, you can be my valentine anyday!

Abby Roberts: During these winter months (February must be longer than 28 days!!), the whites and greys become monotonous. This pistachio-colored bag would brighten my day and is just big enough to hold everything I need.

Celia Cullom: Seriously, who needs a Valentine when you can have the most delicious cupcakes?

Sarah Bence: In a dream world in which you buy Valentines Day presents for yourself, who wouldn’t spend the holiday frolicking with manatees in Florida in lieu of a human Valentine?

Annie Sheslow: Because none of my friends will join me in watching The Way We Were (for fear of the soundtrack or the weird semi-rapey scene....BARBARA JUST BECAUSE ROBERT REDFORD IS NAKED IN A SAILOR UNIFORM IN YOUR BED DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN GO FOR IT...although can’t say I blame you), I will try to remind myself that us Jewish ladies can still hit the jackpot using my Nice Jewish Guys Calendar.

Sara Spruch-Feiner: Sydney Evan Love Ring It's a little unrealistic, but a girl can dream...and delicate jewelry makes a great gift because I can wear it everyday, it goes with everything and the sweet script spelling love on this timeless ring never goes out of style. 

Rachel Larson: Though it’s hard to resist putting diamonds and godiva chocolate on this guide, this fun umbrella is more in the budget for many of us poor college kids. With spring barely a month away, this is a thoughtful and practical gift to keep you dry and smiling on rainy days.

Faith Masterson: Treat the one you love to a mani/pedi at S & P Salon Polaris!

Happy Valentine's Day!