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Her Campus Kenyon Halloween Costumes

October is already gone, and I’m having major nostalgia already about Halloween. October is my favorite month, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. In order to put faces to names on our staff, here are some of our Halloween costumes! Come meet some of your amazing staff members all in costume!


Faith Masterson (on the right) Seniorrrrr- Pirate. (Fun fact: this was the same costume as my freshman year!)

Lexi Bollis (One of our lovely co-editors!); Junior- Alice in Wonderland

Jessica Berger; JuniorTrudy from Fairly Odd Parents

Paige Ballard; Sophomore, Little Red Riding Hood

Sarah Sklar (on the left); Freshman- Asian Lady Beetles

Becca Pachl; Freshman- T-Swift/Catastrophe from Bad Blood

Lindy Wittenberg; Freshman- Greek Goddess


Image Credit: Her Campus Kenyon Facebook, Valentines Day Cards Printables, Faith Masterson, Lexi Bollis, Jessica Berger, Paige Ballard, Sarah Sklar, Becca Pachl, Lindy Wittenberg

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