HCK Preps for the Royal Baby!!!

My day was about to be made when, around 11:00 am, I left the Squad and headed to Peirce. I sat down and looked at my phone, only to find that the internet was abuzz with the rumblings of a royal pregnancy. And upon sighting postings from sources like CNN and The Guardian, I realized this wasn’t just another tabloid baby craze, but the real deal. So I did what any proper anglophile would do--set out to work getting ready to celebrate Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. Get ready everyone...the British baby is coming! The British baby is coming!

Step One: A Name
What is the royal couple most likely to name their baby-to-be, you ask? Have no fear. We’ve laid out some of the most likely options for this future prince or princess.


For a Boy:

1. Philip -- An obvious and classy homage to William’s grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke

of Edinburgh.

2. Edward -- A tribute to Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp and father to Princess Di.

3. Andrew -- Perhaps the royal couple will paying respects to their beloved alma mater, St. Andrew’s University in Scotland--where they met.

4. Michael -- Kate’s father, Michael Middleton, would share this name with his first grandchild.

5. Arthur -- A popular name among British royalty and animated aardvarks alike!

For A Girl:

1. Diana -- I’m already teary at the thought of it, though it’s more likely a middle name.

2. Elizabeth -- Though things might get a little awkward if the Queen and her great-grandaughter share a name, the younger of the two can always go by Liz or Lizzie.

3. Caroline -- A modernized shout-out to Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton.

4. Alice -- Prince William’s great-grandmother’s name lends itself to a Wonderland-themed nursery!

5. Sarah or Jane -- Both names of Diana’s sisters, and less typically Royal than some other options.

Step Two: A Nanny
While I hereby nominate myself (I’m happy to fax a resume over to the Palace upon request), I figured it would only be fair to give some others a chance, too.

1. Mary Poppins -- A spoonful of sugar is sure to calm a finicky infant princess--not to mention all the stuff in that carpet bag!

2. Mrs. Doubtfire -- A lesson in cross-dressing and tough love can’t hurt, right?

3. Maria Von Trapp -- She’s sure to have the royal baby singing duets with Adele’s child in no time!

4. Nanny McPhee -- A fellow Brit who proves that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

5. Jo Frost -- TV’s beloved “Supernanny,” JoJo (also British) won’t be afraid to put this little prince or princess in the naughty throne!


Step Three: Outfits
With a Mom like Kate, this baby is sure to be well-dressed. Here are a couple of outfits we’re sure we’ll spot the second the paparazzi meet the little one.

Outfit #1: Baby Girl Goes For A Playdate with Blue Ivy

United States of Benneton Dress and  Hunter “First Boot” Rainboots from Nordstrom.com

Outfit #2: Baby Boy Goes To A Polo Match With Dad

Burberry "Mini Treague" Strip T-Shirt, Burberry “Langston” Jeans, Nordstrom “Baby Shaker” Sweater, and TOMS “Classic Tiny” Slip-On from Nordstrom.com

Outfit #3: Baby Girl Has Tea With The Queen (Great-Grand)Mother


Burberry “Delia” dress, PLH headbands, Stride Rite “PolkaBuffy” flats from Nordstrom.com

Outfit #4: Baby Boy Hangs With Uncle Harry

“Keep Calm and Carry Me” onesie from Zazzle.com and Vans sneakers from Nordstrom.com

Duchess Kate, on the off-chance (ok, there is no chance...) you’re reading this, please consider this our baby shower gift. We know our invitations are in the mail.