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HCK 2018 Peirce Hacks

I think that every college student has a love-hate relationship with their dining hall. Peirce is my happy place on Sunday at 11 when I’m surrounded by my friends, but my worst nightmare on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon in a crowded servery during the lunch rush. Even though I am only a first year, I think that I have learned how to successfully navigate Peirce Dining Hall and how to get the best food considering the few options that I have.

One way I have taken advantage of Peirce is hacking the system! My upperclassmen friends have really helped me understand how to get the best possible food out of my dining hall. Here’s a fun list of hacks; hopefully they help you make some amazing food when the normal options are really just getting you down.

1. A Peirce Butter Milkshake

To make this wonderful concoction, you take your handy-dandy Peirce cup and fill it halfway with the ice cream of your choice: chocolate or vanilla. So many options! Then you add enough milk (again, chocolate or plain) to be able to mix the ice cream so it turns into a soupy consistency. Then, go crazy! So far, our favorite combinations have been adding chocolate syrup and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Make sure you put some elbow grease into it, or you will end up with one chalky milkshake.

Credits: Patrick Nally

2. Breakfast bowl

This, my friends, is a morning favorite. How it works is, you grab one of those ICONIC Peirce bowls and put in a fried egg, the potato option of the day (either hash browns or breakfast potatoes), spinach, and the homemade hot sauce. When you are sitting with all your frewends, break the yolk and mix all of it together! Delish! The acidity from the hot sauce, the decadence from the yolk and the heartiness of the spinach makes this meal my favorite breakfast option.

Credits: Grace Orwick


So far, this sauce has been hit or miss for me. Let me know what you think of this! What you do is, you take a Peirce cup, add peanut butter (I know, stick with me though), soy sauce, and a dash of sriracha. This might sound like complete shit to you, but if you are a fan of pad Thai noodles, I think this could be right up your alley. Similar to the peanut butter milkshake, make sure to incorporate all ingredients so it becomes a nice paste. I have had success putting it over rice, and I have heard it is good on plain pasta or on salads!

Credits: The Women’s Rugby Team

4. Cinnabun

This is fellow Her Campus Kenyon writer, Emma Steinert’s, and my favorite Sunday morning treat. After a long night out, cooking a homemade cinnamon roll in the panini press is the perfect thing to help me get through my day. It becomes all gooey and the icing melts all over the bun. BIG FAN.

Credits: Emma Steinert

5. Gnocchi Salad

For this final hack, which I have never tried before, but have heard is phenomenal, you get a bowl of gnocchi and cover it with a salad! By covering the gnocchi, you are masking the horror of the carbs underneath with a seemingly healthy and harmless meal. Also, gnocchi does get kind of filling after a while so the salad aspect really helps make this meal a nice option!

Credits: Theta Delta Phi


I hope you enjoyed all of my Peirce hacks, and I wish you the best in our lovely dining hall.




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Sam is a writer for Her Campus. She is currently a freshman at Kenyon College who loves fancy ramen, dancing with her friends, and cooking. Sam is a big fan of TV shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Shameless.
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